Mobile Application Development


Boosted by telecommunication deregulation and advances in communication technologies, wireless networks have built a widespread value chain rich with endless opportunities for businesses to generate enormous profits. The Internet has played a crucial role as both a direct and indirect enabler of new technologies across the mobile and wireless value chain. The three major components of this chain are service providers, infrastructure providers, and Internet companies. As a premier software development provider, we empower both infrastructure providers and service providers by designing innovative technology solutions for the wireless arena. We have aligned our offerings to include:

  • Mobile Software Design, Development, Enhancement Services
  • Mobile Software Integration, Testing, and Test Automation Services
  • Device Solutions for Mobile Equipment Manufacturers
  • SMS/MMS Publishing Platform Development
  • Location-Based Services Over Mobile Networks
  • Mobile Application Porting
  • Mobile Internet Applications
  • Wireless Web Connectivity Enterprise Applications
  • Mobile Communications/Messaging and Streaming

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