Internet & Mobile Application Development Services Overview


Web 2.0 Applications

We possess the aptitude and design dexterity necessary to visualize a persuasive and compelling Web presence that can captivate an audience, build traffic, and even impress existing users. We have an undisputable reputation in providing attractive and pleasing Web 2.0-based designs. Standard features of our design work are attention-grabbing yet simple visual effects, and the use of gradients and focus in providing user-friendly navigation through the positioning of content based on importance.

Entertainment Networking

Having grown as an enterprise in tandem with the dynamic IT industry itself, we have developed cutting-edge expertise in entertainment networking through successful deployment of a range of projects across the Web as well as in the wireless realm. We excel in enabling large-scale content distribution online by empowering portals with blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds, and numerous other advanced technologies that enhance market reach.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of its definition, the concept of social networking has been largely responsible for the “flat earth” revolution currently leading the IT sector. Originating as a platform for people to get together and form online communities, social networking portals rapidly evolved into trusted business networks that facilitated the acquiring of services over the net. Within no time, social networking Web sites were enhancing social interaction with a host of features like blogs, list books, forums, photo albums, and so on.

With an ever-increasing number of netizens logging on to these networks and reaping rich benefits every day, the social networking concept has become a successful business model. Already having blurred geographical boundaries and brought the world closer together, social networking is here to stay and provides a reliable backbone for communication among humans across the globe.

Mobile Social Networking

Social networking is going mobile and is poised for spectacular growth over the next five years. It’s predicted that mobile social communities will attract members in swarms, more than tripling in size from 50 million users to 174 million users by 2012.

Mobile applications extend their reach beyond the computer screen to hand held devices. Integrated service, offerings allow users to synchronize services between their mobile devices and their favorite web applications, have opened new avenues for intelligent and practical applications.

Gizmo friendly teens and netizens now traverse the wireless boundaries to post photos, videos and blog incessantly to a wide variety of social communities providing “real time” access to real life events

Mobile Application Development

Boosted by telecommunication deregulation and advances in communication technologies, wireless networks have built a widespread value chain rich with endless opportunities for businesses to generate enormous profits. The Internet has played a crucial role as both a direct and indirect enabler of new technologies across the mobile and wireless value chain. The three major components of this chain are service providers, infrastructure providers, and Internet companies. As a premier software development provider, we empower both infrastructure providers and service providers by designing innovative technology solutions for the wireless arena. We have aligned our offerings to include:

  • Mobile Software Design, Development, Enhancement Services
  • Mobile Software Integration, Testing, and Test Automation Services
  • Device Solutions for Mobile Equipment Manufacturers
  • SMS/MMS Publishing Platform Development
  • Location-Based Services Over Mobile Networks
  • Mobile Application Porting
  • Mobile Internet Applications
  • Wireless Web Connectivity Enterprise Applications
  • Mobile Communications/Messaging and Streaming

Segments & Industry Focus Web 2.0 Applications

  • Symfony Framework
  • Cake PHP
  • Zend
  • AJAX (EXT JS, Dojo, Jason, Microsoft, Web.Atlas)
  • Open Social and Facebook Platforms
  • SOA
  • Nhibernate
  • Lucene Framework
  • Microsoft MVC Framework

Social Networking Solutions:

  • Social Communities and Corporate Networks
  • Commerce Solutions such as B2B, B2C Exchanges
  • Community Portals/Vortals and C2C, P2P Hubs
  • Wireless and Mobile Community Portals

Web Promotions

  • Web Promotion Platforms for Advertisers and Publisher Networks.
  • Online Pay-Per Click (PPC) Management Systems.
  • Online Affiliate Platform and Affiliate Management Systems.
  • E-Commerce Platforms.
  • P2P Platforms.
  • Web-to-wireless internetworking.
  • SMS and MMS advertising.

Content Distribution

  • Content distribution and streaming over networks
  • Audio/video streaming systems for Web and Wireless
  • Mobile portal enabler tools
  • Online content creation and distribution tools

Mobile Applications

  • Customized Application development for Mobile platforms
  • WAP/WML portal development
  • Content distribution using GPRS/Blue tooth/VOIP


We have built telecommunication applications for PC as well as mobiles. These applications provide call facility from PC to mobile, PC to PC, PC to landline/PSTN, Mobile to Mobile, Mobile to Landline/PSTN. It uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) technology to transfer call. It provides free call facility from PC to PC and PC to Mobile. These applications will work for every Symbian OS, Palm OS, Windows, Blackberry, J2ME support mobile devices.

We have developed application having the ability to make calls from mobile phones but without using the local minutes. Instead the calls get routed through the internet on GPRS/EDGE/Wi-Fi/3G enabled mobile phone.


It’s the most common platform used in mobile across the globe. We have invested over 6 years in developing various applications for all symbian versions and editions focused on:

  • Streaming Multimedia Content Distribution Over The Mobile Network
  • Blue tooth based mobile games for symbian phones
  • Mobile messenger for 2nd edition phones
  • Complete call management system for 2nd edition phones
  • Secure SMS Send and Receive for Symbian Series 60 and UIQ Phones

Windows Mobile

A platform built to address the needs of business phones as it provides easy synchronization with PC. It’s a compact operating system combined with a suite of basic applications. Some of these applications support all versions of windows mobile, be it for Pocket PC or smart phones such as :

  • Data-Sync Application on Win CE
  • Application Launcher development on POCKET PC 2002
  • SMS and MMS Client on POCKET PC 2002
  • Wireless Communications STACK which supports File, DB transfer and message broadcast
  • Retail Chain management system for PPC and sync with Desktop Apps.
  • Secure SMS Send and Receive for Smartphone 2000
  • Unified messaging system for POCKET PC 2003 and Smartphone with PC and Symbian Phones.
  • Smartphone and PPC based LBS System

iPhone Applications

The iPhone is a revolutionary handset. But it is also the key to a virtual gold mine — the iTunes App Store, where companies can earn millions in just a year. Since its launch in July, the App Store has grown to become a developer’s dream come true. Since iPhone is the next big thing in mobiles we have recently acquired the iPhone developers license and have successfully developed a couple of apps on this platform.

We have developed :

An application which has an Icon (Google icon) iphone which when clicked helps the user reach the Google site. iPhone SDK provided APIs for navigating the site.

Another app was a wireless LAN based through where live sound is transferred to iPhones, with the LIVE sound software installed, falling within the range of the wi-fi router.

WAP/WML Portal and Community Application Development

With the proliferation of mobile handsets and the need to be “connected” to the internet, WAP application development was a natural progression to the Web 2.0 expertise that we had developed. Mobile versions of web applications covering content download, community and networking applications, SMS/MMS encryption and distribution are part of our extensive in WAP/WML portfolio.

Technology Competency Landscape Operating Systems

Linux, Unix, Windows OS, Mac OS, Symbian OS, Win CE OS, Palm OS, RIM

Development Environments

LAMP Framework, Microsoft .NET Frameworks, Microsoft Visual Studio, Symbian Platform, Win CE MS.NET Platform, Mac OS for iPhone, Code-Warrior, Java, J2ME, J2EE

Mobile Development Tools

Visual Studio .NET, Visual Source Safe, C#, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Macromedia Flash, Flex, C, Borland C++, Flash Media Server (FMS), MS-TFS, Brew, Carbide , Objective C, Cocoa C, D, Xcode IDE

Web 2.0 Platform

Symfony Framework, Cake PHP, Zend, AJAX (EXT JS, Dojo, Jason, Microsoft, Web.Atlas), Open Social Platform, Facebook Platform, SOA, NHibernate, Lucene Framework, Studs, Beans

Application Development

ASP. NET, C#, C, C++, VC++, ADSI, COM & DCOM, WinSock & Win Inet., PHP 5.0, Perl, Win CE 5.0, Symbian Series 9.0, Palm SDK, iPhone SDK.


Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server 2005, MySQL 5.0, PostGreSQL



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