Hybris Billing


What is SAP Hybris Billing

With changing times and technology, businesses need to upgrade and mold their business and sales models based on new approaches for monetization. Crucial aspects such as revenue generation, modes of payment and transaction process, revenue sharing and more, are all going digital and require new platforms to successfully handle. With SAP Hybris Billing, you are provided with a robust and reliable platform to manage all of these tasks efficiently and transparently; all of this, without compromising on the purchase experience of the customer.

With increasing populations, an expanding customer base, marketplaces becoming global and businesses moving online, the challenge is to successfully meet the customer’s needs for secure transactions and availability of products and services in more than just a one-time pay purchase such as subscriptions, bundles and promotions. SAP Hybris Billing provides you with an efficient way to manage the billing, ordering and invoicing processes from the cloud itself.


Key Features

  • Order and Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Revenue/Billing Management for Subscriptions
  • Leading-Edge Cloud Platform
  • Smooth Integration with Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Encryption Secured
  • Seamless Front-End to Back-End Process

How Does it Benefit Your Business

Based on your business as well as sales strategy, there are multiple ways SAP Hybris Billing can help you.

  • If your business has multiple billing streams, Hybris Billing uses preferred combinations of those channels to bill all of it to a single invoice.
  • Many businesses such offer a wide range of discounts and similar promotions. SAP Hybris Billing supports such complex billing tasks with ease.
  • Businesses with subscriptions-based revenue generation can breathe easy due to the flexibility of SAP Hybris Billing to work with multiple variations of subscriptions, based on time and money.
  • The entire process of billing is automated, right from the front-end or the POS to the accounting back-end.

Why Accely is the Best Choice for SAP Hybris Integration

Apart from the exhaustive experience we hold in the industry, and the accompanying knowledge, we boast of a team of developers that has time and again proven to be one of the best through the sheer number of successful projects completed till date. Not only are we highly efficient in our turnaround times, but our combined extensive knowledge of the SAP Hybris Billing platform as well as the need and structure of business organizations, helps us in reducing development costs while maintaining the highest of development standards.

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