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Having grown as an enterprise in tandem with the dynamic IT industry itself, we have developed cutting-edge expertise in entertainment networking through successful deployment of a range of projects across the Web as well as in the wireless realm. We excel in enabling large-scale content distribution online by empowering portals with blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds, and numerous other advanced technologies that enhance market reach.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of its definition, the concept of social networking has been largely responsible for the “flat earth” revolution currently leading the IT sector. Originating as a platform for people to get together and form online communities, social networking portals rapidly evolved into trusted business networks that facilitated the acquiring of services over the net. Within no time, social networking Web sites were enhancing social interaction with a host of features like blogs, list books, forums, photo albums, and so on.

With an ever-increasing number of netizens logging on to these networks and reaping rich benefits every day, the social networking concept has become a successful business model. Already having blurred geographical boundaries and brought the world closer together, social networking is here to stay and provides a reliable backbone for communication among humans across the globe.

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