SAP BTP Overview & Capabilities: SAP Business Technology Platform


SAP BTP Overview & Capabilities

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, the ability to respond swiftly and adapt easily is paramount in effective management. The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) stands as the cornerstone for empowering the concept of the Intelligent Enterprise. Its primary goal is to enable customers to construct, integrate, and enhance their business applications with remarkable agility and speed. SAP BTP aspires to function as a cohesive, business-oriented, and accessible platform for data and application development that caters to the entire SAP ecosystem.

SAP BTP services seamlessly combine intelligent enterprise applications, robust database and data management, advanced analytics, integration, and extension capabilities, as well as cutting-edge intelligent technologies, all within a unified platform designed for cloud and hybrid environments. This comprehensive solution empowers not only SAP developers but also customers and partners to seamlessly integrate, extract value from data, and expand their capabilities within SAP landscapes.

Let’s take an overview of SAP BTP and understand about its capabilities:



SAP BTP Overview

SAP Business Technology Platform, also known as SAP BTP, acts as a versatile toolbox for companies navigating the digital age.

It’s a game-changer for businesses looking to transform into a digital transformation company. With the complete overview of SAP BTP, SAP developers and customers can easily integrate and leverage various tools and data sources, whether they belong to SAP or other providers. This adaptability is crucial for companies seeking to stay competitive and stay ahead of the curve in their digital transformation journey.

Having a complete SAP BTP overview helps in leveraging the right tools and expertise to successfully build a future-ready business that can thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. SAP BTP services provide a robust multi-cloud foundation to companies that want to digitally transform their business by offering cutting-edge, cloud-native developer tools.

This comprehensive platform facilitates seamless data and process integration through event-driven processes and standardized data models. What’s more, SAP BTP now delivers a unified user experience that spans across various applications and technologies, ensuring a harmonized user interface.

The core focus of SAP BTP capabilities centers on driving business outcomes within SAP landscapes. With specialized tools for different processes and data, this platform offers built-in security and compliance features to safeguard critical business information. Notably, SAP BTP simplifies development processes and expedites integration, all within an open cloud environment. Customers can leverage SAP BTP services to effortlessly extend and integrate with both SAP and third-party solutions through the use of pre-built integrations, supporting their digital transformation journey.



SAP BTP Capabilities

SAP BTP offers an open Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that provides in-memory functionalities, fundamental platform services, and specialized microservices tailored for the creation and expansion of intelligent, cloud-based applications with mobile capabilities. Its purpose is to expedite the process of digital transformation for companies by facilitating the swift, cost-effective development of precise applications, all without the need for substantial investments in on-premises infrastructure.

The core components primarily comprise three fundamental aspects:

  1. Integration
  2. Transformation of Data into Value
  3. Scalability or Extensibility

SAP BTP Architecture

SAP BTP utilizes cloud infrastructure services to harness the cost advantages associated with hyperscale operations. SAP BTP architecture is a robust and flexible framework designed to support a wide range of business applications and services. It seamlessly integrates data, analytics, and application development components, providing a scalable and unified foundation for digital transformation within enterprises.

Within its framework, BTP provides a wide array of services and applications categorized into four primary functions:

  • Database and Data Management
  • Analytics
  • Application Development and Integration
  • Intelligent Technologies



Customer Flexibility in Pricing Options

Customers intending to utilize SAP BTP must select the appropriate licensing model tailored to their requirements. There are three available options, and for up-to-date information, you can refer to this beginners guide to SAP BTP.

  1. Pay-As-You-Go
  2. SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA)
  3. Subscription




The “Pay-As-You-Go” option enables customers to begin using cloud services in their production environment without any initial expenses, minimum usage mandates, or financial obligations. It fosters unrestricted growth, allowing customers to develop applications in their production environment while paying in accordance with their actual usage. This approach accommodates business needs in real-time and helps circumvent over-provisioning or being stuck with minimal resources.

To initiate your production environment swiftly and effortlessly:

  • Begin by registering for an account.
  • Employ qualifying services without any initial charges or obligatory minimum usage.
  • No financial commitments are tied to services left unused.
  • Contracts are automatically renewed on a quarterly basis (in separate agreements).
  • Monthly invoices are exclusively generated for the services that have been utilized.

SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA)

This choice permits the utilization of cloud credits in accordance with real usage, providing greater flexibility. Customers can access all services within the SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) and configure them within their global account, including access to new features introduced by SAP.

Achieve quick and flexible configuration and scaling of cloud services by immediately accessing qualified servers.

  • Under the SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA), procure and utilize cloud credits for eligible services.
  • Enjoy the advantage of prepaying for service consumption using cloud credits.
  • Upfront payment is required when leveraging cloud credits.
  • It’s possible to add credits to your account multiple times during the redemption period.
  • Utilize the User Rating Tool for evaluation and feedback.


With this alternative, customers have the opportunity to select a predetermined set of services for a fixed rate, irrespective of their actual usage. The services granted can be fully utilized up to the subscription limit. If you have a clear understanding of your usage needs, this option may be more suitable.

Obtain a stable pricing structure and a defined duration of access to the subscribed services, tailored to your business demands.

  • Adjust your contract to expand access to additional services.
  • Maintain a fixed cost regardless of your usage levels.
  • Make an upfront payment at the commencement of the contract period.
  • Easily renew your subscription at the end of the designated period.

Free Tier Services

Utilize the free tier services within your active global SAP BTP account. These free-tier services function similarly to the paid options but have usage limits. If necessary, customers have the flexibility to switch from a free tier service to a paid plan. To explore this further, please reach out to an SAP sales representative.

  • Maximize the value of your operational SAP BTP accounts with complimentary service tiers.
  • Establish service instances using free tier plans, each with its usage limitations.
  • The process of transitioning a service instance from the free tier to a paid plan is straightforward.

SAP BTP Account Model

In SAP BTP, accounts are organized into global accounts, directories, and subaccounts. A global account essentially represents the contractual agreement between SAP and the customer. The billing process is determined by the specific resources and entitlements that the customer orders for utilizing the platform.


Subaccounts in the SAP BTP offer flexibility in tailoring the structure of a global account to align with the unique needs of your organization and projects. You can use subaccounts to manage members, authorizations, and entitlements based on your specific requirements. Within a global account, it’s possible to have multiple subaccounts to accommodate various aspects of your operations.

Application Development

Application Development within the SAP Business Technology Platform offers the potential to deliver three fundamental benefits:

Digital Experience:

It empowers businesses to provide seamless and collaborative experiences through their applications.

Digital Process Automation:

This feature opens up possibilities for automating tasks, workflows, and other processes, enhancing overall efficiency.

Development Efficiency:

With powerful tools, you can efficiently create and oversee enterprise application extensions or custom developments across various environments.

In Collaboration

With a focus on digital experience, process automation, and development efficiency, SAP BTP empowers businesses to thrive in the digital age. It’s not just a platform; it’s a game-changer that equips companies with the right tools and expertise to succeed in the ever-changing business landscape. As the digital transformation journey continues to evolve, SAP BTP remains at the forefront, supporting businesses in their quest for innovation and growth.

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