This real estate development company, founded in 2003, is recognized for producing lavish settings. It is run by second-generation business owners who have carved out a position for themselves in the real estate industry, building on a solid legacy that dates back more than ten years. The board is made up of a seasoned group of experts with backgrounds in building, steel manufacture, oil exploration, real estate, infrastructure, and shipping.

However, this company was lacking in forming efficient project planning and optimizing its operations.

Business Challenges

Recognition of high-traffic situations and the need to establish measures to maintain business continuity.

Limited internal resources with knowledge of major migrations and anticipated technology. Insufficient visibility to monitor material shortages.

Locating an AMS provider who can outline an implementation plan.

Handling a restricted internal resource pool with technology that is intended and experienced in managing massive migrations.

Navigating the challenging data migration and integration of legacy systems.

Our Approach

AMS Support for SAP ECC 6.0- FI, CO, MM, SD, PS, HR, BASIS, ABAP

Support Ticket size range – 500-550 / month

Reduce costs by optimizing SAP applications and processes

Enhanced faster decision-making

Customer Benefits

  • Streamlining the documentation of business processes for greater efficiency.
  • Achieving synchronization between financial and managerial accounting.
  • Enabling faster reporting and enhancing user satisfaction through expedited batch processing.
  • Gaining access to Subject Matter Expert (SME) consultants who understand the business’s needs.
  • Effectively managing and accommodating incremental growth.
  • Enhancing compliance and risk management capabilities.
  • Reducing costs and improving operational efficiency through SAP AMS support.
  • Optimizing the utilization of resources for better outcomes.


Our Results


Reduction in incident resolution time, leading to faster problem-solving.


Increase in performance levels, optimizing system efficiency.


Signifying improvements in various aspects of operations and results.

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