A pioneer in the development of Free Trade Warehousing Zones (FTWZs), it has been the firm to bring in many firsts in the country. The brand has earned its name around being the only free zone developer that currently operates with 2 FTWZs and also happens to be the largest private container train operator with pan-India operations.

However, due to the course of its operations, the provider of integrated supply chains was unable to manage inventory control and faced a drop in production.

Business Challenges

The customer wanted to do Inventory Control and have better Stock Visibility to ensure the effectiveness of its operations.

They wanted to Improve Distribution Management to have firm control over how the inventory is distributed throughout.

Wanted to have governance With Real-Time Tracking to ensure proper execution of a chain of command.

Enhanced Staff Management was required to maintain high productivity and compensation and leave tracking.

Due to the widespread operations, the firm was unable to manage its transactions.

Our Approach

Event Management Version 1809 to overlook the process and obtain operational expertise

Green Field Implementation to re-engineer and simplify operations to the core.

Inventory management application to function and process order and use of resources.


Customer Benefits

  • Executing operations while achieving Cross-Functional as well as Geographical Integration
  • Strengthen the overall Decision Support System by providing on-demand online information
  • Was able to apply HR data and best practices to standardize processes and transactions, run employee payroll, and simplify compliance management.
  • Provide user-friendly and flexible reporting to simplify the chain of management across the organization.
  • Provide a fool-proof and secure transaction system with workflow and authorization profiles.
  • Access to volumes of data with detailed information on business processes.
  • Tight integration with SAP ERP system for insight and analytics.
  • Simplified inventory management to allow the business to have a clear field of view throughout the operations.

Our Results


reduction in implementation time to streamline business operations smoothly.


increase in speed to keep up with informed business decisions.


decrease in the Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) saving firm revenues.

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