Over the last three decades, this Dubai-based multinational conglomerate has forged a remarkable global footprint, providing its diverse services to customers in 22 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Specializing in three pivotal domains, the company engages in the Exploration and Production of Oil and gas, offers top-tier Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) services, and excels in Trading.

However, to further optimize its operations and streamline ongoing management, the company implemented an Application Management Services (AMS) solution, emphasizing its dedication to operational excellence and continuous innovation.

Business Challenges

Current planning process relies on manual spreadsheet-based methods, limiting flexibility for ad hoc changes and adjustments.

Lack of a scalable platform leads to a deficit in data management and process visibility, hindering efficient planning.

There's a need to connect strategic and bottom-up planning within a unified environment to ensure coherence and alignment.

The goal is to achieve more precise planning, reducing errors and inconsistencies in the process.

Enhancing collaboration among departments is essential to streamline planning and execution.

Seeking more efficient execution of plans by leveraging advanced tools and technologies.

A fully scalable platform is required to address these challenges and support the planning process.

Our Approach

Roll out SAP ERP modules including FI, CO, MM, SD, PS, HR, BO.

Provide ongoing support and maintenance for all SAP modules to ensure their continued optimal performance and alignment with evolving business needs.

Develop specialized expertise in each SAP module to address module-specific issues and enhance their functionality over time.

Maintain the SAP ecosystem to sustain efficient operations, data integrity, and seamless business processes across the organization.

Customer Benefits

  • Improved planning processes across various domains, including sales, cost centers, depreciation, investments, and HR workforce, leading to more accurate and efficient decision-making.
  • Achieved increased profitability as a result of optimized planning, cost control, and better resource allocation, contributing to a higher return on investment (ROI).
  • Productivity gains in operations and workforce management, resulting in streamlined processes and resource utilization.
  • Realized an outstanding return on investment, indicating the substantial financial benefits of the SAP implementation.
  • Enabled comprehensive cost information visibility at the individual site level, allowing for more granular cost analysis and control.
  • Positioned the organization to automate financial transactions, reducing manual data entry and potential errors in financial processes.
  • Improved reporting capabilities by integrating with other SAP modules, ensuring timely and accurate financial reporting for better decision support.
  • Achieved improved operational efficiency and financial control through the successful implementation of SAP, benefiting the organization in multiple critical aspects.

Our Result


Reduction in deployment time, allowing for quicker implementation and operational readiness.


Increase in speed, translating to faster and more efficient operations.


Reduction in TCO, including maintenance and operational costs.

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