Established in 1994, this fast food chain has expanded to encompass a network of more than 190 restaurants throughout the United Arab Emirates. Renowned for its distinctive menu, it is one of the UAE’s most beloved fast-food establishments. Dedicated to delivering safe, premium-quality offerings to its people, the chain also actively participates in social responsibility. Notably, it collaborates with organizations like the Emirates Environmental Group to promote eco-friendly values and practices in the UAE.

However, the company encountered challenges and, in response, implemented Hyland’s ECM to address and overcome these issues.

Business Challenges

Limited visibility into consumer preferences and product trends across various markets, hindering the ability to serve as a strong voice for the consumer.

Inadequate collaboration between material requirements, production planning, and purchase plans, leading to inefficiencies and potential supply chain issues.

Reliance on complex legacy planning processes executed through manual spreadsheets, with limited flexibility for making ad hoc plan changes and adjustments.

Widespread use of manual, spreadsheet-based processes throughout the organization, resulting in errors and operational inefficiencies.

Need for more end-to-end transparency and visibility into products gaining momentum or heightened interest across multiple markets.

Reliance on outdated planning systems that do not adequately support modern supply chain and production requirements.

Manual spreadsheet-based processes contribute to a higher risk of errors and pose challenges in maintaining data accuracy and consistency.

Our Approach

Implement SAP S/4HANA 1802 across various modules for improved efficiency.

Integrate Hyland OnBase with SAP for enhanced document management.

Achieve holistic system enhancement for better data integration.

Modernize operations and boost efficiency with new technology solutions.

Customer Benefits

  • Real-time analytics enable rapid decision-making, reducing delays and enhancing responsiveness.
  • Real-time data integration breaks down information silos, promoting collaboration and sharing across the organization.
  • Organizations gain a comprehensive view of their entire value chain, fostering a deeper understanding of their operations.
  • Real-time analysis helps allocate resources more effectively based on immediate insights.
  • Timely access to detailed information allows for the proactive identification and resolution of operational issues.
  • Real-time analytics provide a competitive edge by enabling organizations to react swiftly to market changes and customer demands.
  • Users can explore and analyze transactional and analytical data in real-time, facilitating deeper insights and discovery.
  • Continuous real-time analysis improves business operations, helping organizations perform at their best.

Our Result


Reduction in deployment time ensures faster project execution, expediting results and time-to-market.


Increase in operational speed results in a remarkable boost in productivity and efficiency, driving quicker task completion and higher output.


Decrease in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) leads to substantial cost savings and improved financial performance, making operations more cost-effective.

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