Established in 1968, this leading construction giant has gained trust and respect in the UAE region. A significant player in the thriving food and beverage industry, the company is dedicated to providing top-notch products and services to its valued customers. Over time, it has broadened its scope and diversified its offerings, becoming a regional leader in the engineering and infrastructure sector, proudly including Urban and Water Solutions in its portfolio.

However, without a dedicated system, the company was struggling with a slow and inefficient hiring process, impacting their ability to recruit the right people. Hence, they decided to opt for SAP SuccessFactors.

Business Challenges

Integrate strategic and bottom-up planning for seamless alignment.

Use real-time data for accurate and dynamic strategy adjustments.

Establish a central space for departments to share, coordinate, and align efforts.

Streamline task management and communication for swift adaptation.

Replace manual processes with automated systems for quick workforce data access.

Ensure the system can grow with business needs by adding new features as required.

Our Approach

Roll out SAP ECC 6.0 modules including FICO, SD, MM, PS, PM, and CRM for comprehensive enterprise resource planning.

Implement SAP enhancements for improved functionality and seamlessly integrate Value Added Tax (VAT) processes within the SAP system.

Deploy SAP SuccessFactors modules, such as Employment Central, Payroll, Performance & Goal Management, and Onboarding.

Integrate Hyland OnBase with SAP for streamlined document management and efficient data handling, enhancing overall business processes.

Customer Benefits

  • Achieve more on-time deliveries through improved coordination and alignment between manufacturing processes and planning activities.
  • Enhance decision-making by providing comprehensive planning insights, enabling stakeholders to make informed choices based on real-time data and analysis.
  • Facilitate seamless collaboration across various business functions, breaking down silos and promoting a holistic approach to operations, resulting in improved efficiency and communication.
  • Streamline and optimize workflows and processes to support the organization’s rapid growth and regional expansion, ensuring adaptability and scalability in the face of changing demands.
  • Provide a clear and comprehensive view of performance metrics and organizational goals, fostering a transparent environment that aids in tracking progress and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Enable strategic performance management by aligning organizational goals with day-to-day operations, allowing for a proactive approach to addressing challenges and capitalizing on opportunities.
  • Implement systems for real-time monitoring of key performance indicators, allowing for quick identification of issues and the ability to implement timely corrective actions.

Our Result


Reduction in deployment time for faster project execution, expediting results and time-to-market.


Increase in operational speed for a remarkable boost in productivity and efficiency.


Decrease in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) leading to substantial cost savings and improved financial performance.

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