Established in 1951, boasting over seven decades of experience, this company has meticulously crafted an impeccable track record across diverse projects in energy, petroleum, agro-processing, telecommunications, ports, marine, mining, building, cement, and infrastructure development sectors. Operating across various locations in the region, their success in delivering unrivaled capital-efficient projects is underpinned by cutting-edge civil works, advanced fabrication facilities, and robust financial backing.

However, the company decided to opt for SAP SuccessFactors to enhance its HR processes, overcoming the challenge of integrating the new system seamlessly with existing infrastructure.

Business Challenges

Addressing constraints in business transactions within the current ERP system.

Managing material requirements and consumption across multiple ERP platforms for individual projects.

Ensuring seamless integration of information involving diverse ERP systems for comprehensive project management.

Establishing a unified approach to track and manage the entire life cycle of assets.

Overcoming the challenge of consolidating information for efficient and centralized asset management.

Improving the flow of information across different stages of asset life cycles to streamline processes and enhance management effectiveness.

Our Approach

Deployment of SAP S/4HANA 2020 (On-Premise) across key modules, including FICO, SD, MM, PP, QM, PS, PM, and HCM.

Implementation of SuccessFactors, specifically Employment Central (EC) and Payroll modules, to enhance human capital management.

Integration of Primavera data through seamless uploads, ensuring a cohesive flow of information between systems.

Establishment of an integrated ecosystem, combining SAP S/4HANA and SuccessFactors.

Customer Benefits

  • Efficient monitoring of material requirements and procurement aligned with specific projects and multi-location inventory control facilitated by the SAP system.
  • Comprehensive process mapping throughout the project life cycle achieved through the SAP Project Systems (PS) module.
  • Streamlined and centralized management of master data, enhancing data consistency and accuracy across the organization.
  • Improved visibility into multi-location business projects, with approximately 70% tracking accuracy, providing real-time insights for informed decision-making.
  • Effective control of inventory across multiple locations, optimizing stock levels and ensuring timely availability of materials.
  • Seamless tracking of procurement activities, ensuring transparency and accountability in the procurement process.
  • Integration of SAP PS module-driven processes for holistic management and control of the entire project life cycle.

Our Result


Streamlined deployment accelerates project execution, expediting time-to-market.


Increased speed enhances productivity, thus accelerating task completion and elevating output.


Lower TCO ensures significant cost savings, enhancing financial performance and overall cost-effectiveness.

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