This prominent healthcare provider plays a pivotal role in delivering a diverse range of essential healthcare services across the landscape of Qatar. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing the well-being of its citizens, the company’s extensive footprint spans 23 primary healthcare centers strategically dispersed throughout the nation’s three distinct regions: Central, Western, and Northern. Dedicated to fostering a healthier society, this company stands as the beacon of accessible and perfect healthcare services in Qatar.

Business Challenges

Transitioning from physical record-keeping to digital archives.

Migrating data and processes from outdated systems to modern applications.

Streamlining the physical maintenance of record management.

Implementing a centralized platform for managing employee data and documents.

Ensuring smooth data transfer during the transition.

Ensuring staff are trained and can adapt to the new digital record-keeping system.

Our Approach

Robust Data Archiving and Retrieval

Efficient Case Tracking and Handling

Seamless Data Input and Process Automation

Simplified Data Import and Processing

Customer Benefits

  • A unified repository streamlining HR operations and document management, improving accessibility.
  • Empowering business users with a single-screen interface for efficient retrieval of Hyland’s OnBase archived documents.
  • Effortlessly organize records within files and folders, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy.
  • From seamless onboarding to smooth employee exits, ensuring HR processes are consistent and employee-friendly.
  • Simplify administration tasks, ensuring seamless access control and system integrity.
  • Strengthen data security measures to protect sensitive HR information, ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Generate valuable insights from HR data, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Our Results


Reduction in the time needed for system deployment, getting operations up and running swiftly.


Increase in system performance and responsiveness, enabling quicker decision-making and smoother processes.


Decrease in the Total Cost of Ownership, ensuring efficient resource allocation and better financial management.

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