This company specializes in a wide range of services, covering everything from the planning, and manufacturing, to the installation of custom aluminum curtain wall systems, windows, and doors, designed for various commercial and residential buildings. They are known for their strong commitment to providing top-quality products and services, and they have a well-established reputation for excellence. Their main aim is to foster the growth of successful businesses that become leaders, not just in their local markets, but also on the global stage, all while operating within the private sector.

Business Challenges

Insufficient collaboration between material requirements, production planning, and purchase plans hindered coordination.

Operational inefficiencies hampered visibility, data governance, and financial reconciliation.

Teams were burdened with the manual processing of high volumes of operational transactions, resulting in errors and time wastage.

The need for a holistic digital transformation to enhance core processes, including financial accounting, controlling, and logistics.

Data fragmentation hindered comprehensive visibility and efficient decision-making.

The manual workload consumed valuable time and resources, affecting overall productivity and efficiency.

Our Approach

Deployed a broad SAP suite, including RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SuccessFactors.

Utilized SAP Analytics Cloud & Planning for better decision-making.

Enhanced interactions with SAP Sales & Service Cloud.

Established Annual Maintenance Support for all SAP modules.

Customer Benefits

  • Had access to real-time pipeline revenue data and a complete account view, including address details, on a single screen.
  • Experienced increased agility with real-time operational and financial insights that facilitated informed decision-making.
  • Achieved a comprehensive view of planning processes, covering sales, cost centers, depreciation, investments, and HR workforce planning.
  • Implemented end-to-end project tracking to ensure projects were completed on time and within budget, minimizing escalations.
  • Accessed real-time operational and financial data, empowering proactive decision-making.
  • Improved resource allocation by gaining insights into cost centers and investments.
  • Streamlined HR workforce planning for better talent management and HR decision-making.
  • Ensured projects were delivered punctually and within budget, minimizing disruptions and cost overruns.

Our Results


Achieved a significant reduction in deployment time, saving valuable resources.


Realized a remarkable 80% enhancement in operational speed, boosting efficiency and productivity.


Attained a substantial 45% decrease in (TCO), resulting in significant cost savings and improved financial performance.

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