The client is a construction company that deals with real estate development, sales of construction materials & sanitary products. The operator is into a joint venture that is also associated with conducting business in the landscape, civil engineering, resort, architecture, water, and sewage system. Besides, running its operations at such great levels, the company is also exploring new spots for expansion.

However, given the scope of its operations, the client was facing hurdles in managing several aspects of its business, ranging from project delays to the efficient management of resources.

Business Challenges

Wanted to easily monitor the streamlined allocation of manpower in construction projects and even individual productivity of each labor.

Required to manage resources, labor, equipment, and materials in construction firms, often resulting to project delays and over expenditure.

Wanted to track the store data to generate an accurate analysis of raw materials, manpower utilization, architectural design,

Was looking at an opportunity to simplify the course of operations for resource allocation to optimize project management.

Wanted to renovate its core-level operations.

Our Approach

Well-defined project phases implemented sequentially for gradual expansion of geographic and business scope.

Standard software across units to minimize the need for future customizations.

Standard software across units to minimize the need for future customizations

Green Field Implementation to start the operational process from scratch.

Customer Benefits

  • Real-time integration of enterprise transactions related to resources, costs, and materials to keep an account of all the miscellaneous transactions.
  • Drastic improvements in Speed & system performance to streamline operations at multiple levels.
  • Reduce the overall costs of materials by avoiding stocking unnecessary or obsolete materials in the warehouse.
  • Availability to Reduce Out-of-Stock Scenarios and Lost Sales, Unified Demand Forecasting, and Improved Replenishment.
  • Strategy, Sales, and Merchandise Analytics to renovate the way operations were being managed initially.
  • Effective management of sales documents in a specific system to leverage an efficient operational system
  • Billing process and fulfillment of several accounting requirements to stay updated with accounting and audit

Our Results


reduction in implementation time to streamline business operations smoothly.


increase in speed to keep up with informed business decisions.


decrease in the Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) saving firm revenues.

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