Since its establishment, this insurance firm has consistently broadened its portfolio, delivering a comprehensive array of insurance products and services in strict adherence to Islamic Sharia principles. Embracing a non-conventional approach to insurance, the company remains steadfastly aligned with Islamic values. Its core mission is to offer inventive and Sharia-compliant insurance solutions to its clientele, while aspiring to become the foremost insurance company in the region according to its vision.

Business Challenges

Develop a system that ensures lightning-fast access to customer information, meeting their requests with speed and efficiency.

Establish robust rules and measures to protect customer data, ensuring strict adherence to compliance standards and legal requirements.

Effectively categorize and prioritize data based on importance, minimizing costs while ensuring rapid access to critical information.

Explore and implement storage solutions, such as SSDs, to overcome the challenge of quick retrieval for vital customer data.

Implement tools for continuous monitoring of data usage, addressing issues in real-time to maintain operational efficiency.

Develop seamless online and offline platforms that pose no hurdles for compliance teams, allowing them to navigate and retrieve data swiftly and effortlessly.

Our Approach

Seamless integration of SAP Sales and Service Cloud with S/4HANA and Premia for enhanced data flow.

Efficient implementation of S/4HANA 1909 (On-Premise) across FICO, SD, MM, RE-FX, and C4C sales modules.

Developed a user-friendly mobile app for tracking the RE-FX rental process.

Ongoing annual support for all SAP modules, ensuring system stability and continuous improvement.

Customer Benefits

  • Ensure strict control over critical information, enhancing data governance and compliance.
  • Concentrate efforts on understanding customer needs and market trends for better product and service offerings.
  • Integrate offline and online data sources for quick approvals and decision-making by various stakeholders through a user-friendly platform.
  • Empower stakeholders with a self-service approach for accessing and utilizing data independently.
  • Consolidate all account activities into a single screen for easy and comprehensive visibility.
  • Streamline data access, ensuring authorized personnel can quickly retrieve necessary information.
  • Enable queries on both structured and unstructured data for a comprehensive understanding of information.
  • Accelerate decision-making with a unified data approach and self-service capabilities, responding promptly to market changes.

Our Result


Reduction in deployment time, expediting the implementation process for business solutions.


Increase in operational speed, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.


Decrease in the Total Cost of Ownership, resulting in cost savings and improved financial performance.

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