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One of the most remarkable and far-reaching developments in the broadcasting industry took place with the widespread introduction of cable television and satellite channels. The role of latest technologies coupled with the growing economy paved the way for a boom in the cable and satellite industry over the past couple of decades. With the use of digital techniques, cable and satellite industry successfully earned a niche in the broadcasting scenario. Digital signals enable video-on-demand, interactive program guides, high-definition TV and digital video recorders (DVRs) for cable and satellite systems. It also creates sharper and crisper video which can be compressed, increasing the number of channels that can be transmitted over a single system. All these transformations contributed to its popularity.

To capitalize on its popularity, an increasing number of companies are foraying into the market, leading to intense competition. In such a scenario, success of companies depends on what technologies they use and how quickly they adapt to various challenges. Applications such as quad-play convergence, HD channels, and service packages for evolved access devices are playing a pivotal role in the industry.


What Accely does

At Accely, we are aware of the emergence of wireless/IP based networking with other consumer devices for content/services movement and managing customer connect. Therefore, we are trying to come up with solutions to facilitate this trend.

With the help of our integrated solutions portfolio, partner ecosystem and the expertise gained by working with leading cable and satellite service providers, we can suggest new solutions to transform your business value chain.

We’ve been growing businesses since 2001, let us do it for you!

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