Unlock the True Potential of your Business Over a Click


Unlock the True Potential of your Business Over a Click

Accely + Emarsys

Accely is a global technology and innovation company that is built on the stands of progressive technology. The primary aim of this tech giant is to provide customers with flexible, rapidly deployed ERP solutions to meet their business needs.

Accely is a gold-label SAP partner that leverages leading ERP and cloud-based technologies to scale the ventures of mid and small-scale enterprises.

Connect with your customers better with our free data audit service. Get to know the core insight of your client’s operations and guide them better.

Your Free Audit is only a Few Steps Away

Accely is a global-level innovation company that leverages technology to improvise and adapt operations for businesses at multiple levels.

Together with the cutting-edge technology from Emarsys, we’ve come together to provide a quantitative approach to the core insights of your business. This audit aims to help you get a tab on the revenue that is being left out, fostering a valuable ROI model in the process.

Accely & Emarsys are providing you with an opportunity to get into the core of your operations with this complimentary Data Profiling audit. With AI-powered bots and performance tools analyzing your behavioral data and historical purchase, it’s time you get a detailed idea of your future operations.

How does Complimentary Audit Work?

The entire process of Accely+Emarsys complimentary audit revolves around your organization’s historical purchase data (last two years of product data and sales), along with the product catalog. Then, our AI-Bot runs through the fine details and forms RFM parameter recommendations for your business.

These parameters will then be compiled to create segment contacts and curated to form a Customer Lifecycle screen. This way, the audit exercise will help you categorize your customers into useful segments and help cover all the loops in operations.

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Concerned with how we use your data? Relax, all the data will be under NDA and completely anonymous.

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