Tap into the Limitless Potential of Your Business with Optimized CX


Potential Of Your Business With Optimized CX

With innovation overtaking the possibilities of traditional business, many businesses are yet to realize the newly found change. The transition of operations from traditional to cloud has left a huge gap, making it challenging to connect, identify, track, and transition existing customers to the new-age cloud mode of operations.

Enter SAP CX, the New-Age Customer Experience Platform!

With SAP CX, businesses leverage the ‘beyond boundaries’ convention as the platform is designed to create sustainable growth solutions with a seamless customer experience. Following the webinar, businesses opting for the best practice via SAP CX will be better positioned to predict and support the potential buying behavior and decisions.

SAP CXO Convention 2022: Register Now

Key Takeaways of the CXO Convention

  • Convert the market opportunities into well-curated realities.
  • Scale, grow, and future-proof your enterprise with end-to-end business models.
  • Win customer trust and loyalty using intelligent engagement and decrypt the audience’s needs from their past purchase behavior.
  • Learn how to leverage an Omnichannel-based personalized communication approach for potential and existing customers.
  • Manage customers more professionally.
  • Innovate your eCommerce shopping experience with comprehensive data management.

You Must Visit The Event If:

  • You’re a thought innovator in the Sales & Marketing sector
  • Professionally responsible for spearheading customer experiences.

So wait no more, Register for our upcoming SAP CX event to meet and engage with top peers and business leaders of the retail community.

Event Details:

Venue: Sofitel, BKC Mumbai

Date & Time: 23rd September 2022, 7:00 PM onwards

SAP CXO Convention 2022: Register Now