SINGAPORE CFO MEETUP: Discover the potential for Tangible ROI and Accelerated Decision-Making


SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and analytics are paramount for businesses in today’s data-centric landscape. They empower organizations to leverage the potential of data, make well-informed decisions, and navigate a path toward enduring growth. Through the utilization of recent technologies like SAC Planning and analytics, in collaboration with a trusted SAP implementation partner, businesses can judiciously allocate resources, streamline processes, and proactively adapt to market dynamics.

We are thrilled to extend to you an exclusive invitation to our eagerly awaited networking meetup, offering you a unique opportunity to connect with industry insiders, seasoned experts, and like-minded professionals.

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Here’s What You Can Expect from the Event:

Unleash Analytical Power: Explore how advanced analytics can uncover valuable insights for your business.

Master Budgeting and Forecasting: Learn effective budgeting and forecasting techniques to optimize financial planning.

Strategic Planning: Discover the art of strategic planning and its role in driving business growth.

Effective Reporting: Understand reporting and how it can streamline decision-making processes.

Empower Business Growth: Understand the pivotal role of strategic decision-making in fostering organizational growth and success.

The core objective of this networking event is to unite industry experts, facilitating a collective exploration of the vast potential presented by SAP SAC and other advanced SAP solutions, with the aim of enhancing and expediting the digital journey for businesses.

Join us at

Wednesday 18th October 2023

9:00 AM SGT onwards

SAP Experience Centre Singapore

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