Reinvent Your Business To Take Over Actionable Insights

Reinvent Your Business To Take Over Actionable Insights

With SAP NOW, you can fast-track your journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise and unwrap a smarter approach to generating value.

Are you in one of these industries?

  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Public Sector
  • Mid Market

Let’s make the most of your individual operations with a solution that gives you the ability to revolutionize your business!

Where: Regency Kuwait

When: 7th of June 2022

What to expect:

  • Keynotes
  • Industry track sessions
  • Customer meetings & workshops


With SAP Solutions to reinvent your business approach, it’s time to shift to an intelligent enterprise and uncover a smarter approach to operations:

Provide access to content via real-time integrations: Gone are the days of sloppy emails, SAP NOW brings you real-time accessibility to operations.

Partner with the SAP Consulting Company: When running smart operations, you need an expert who understands core operations.

Improve transparency across multiple fronts of your operations: Traditional processes can be opaque, digitalizing your key business process is the requirement for today.

Make sustainability a part of your operations: Sustainability of your operations is a major goal of businesses today, and SAP NOW helps you stay focused on the same.

Visit us at SAP NOW to reap the expertise of professional appeal in your business with an SAP Gold Partner that helps you make the most of your chosen subscription.