eTail – The eCommerce & Omnichannel Retail Conference


eTail - The eCommerce & Omnichannel Retail Conference

Time to Reconnect, Reimagine, & Reinvent!

With businesses taking the next big step in cloud operations, it’s only time that we get smarter with our approach towards it.

Accely calls out all the passionate business owners who have the vision to shape the future of their business with desirable outcomes. Come, join the eTail, a three-day 360-degree business retreat, designed to give you the best results from your business.

The event focuses on implementing the core concepts of emerging technologies like AI and ML to resolve, identify, and re-design a strategic marketing plan for new-age businesses. With an overall appeal to omnichannel shopping, the event is focused on establishing the most effective approach to help businesses connect with customers.

You’ll get action-packed strategies and make connections with America’s most successful retailers.

Come, envision a new approach to retail. No egos. No commercials. No fluff. Walk away with actionable takeaways you can implement to make the most of your operations.