Accely Participated an Attendance at CES 2020


Accely Participated an Attendance at CES 2020
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Accely was honored to be able to attend CES 2020, the world’s largest gathering from 7 to 10 January 2020, in Las Vegas.

The event saw the coming together of world leaders and pioneer thinkers to debate and discuss the latest emerging technological trends. Attendees witnessed an exclusive demonstration of the latest advancements in 5G’s speed. They saw that smart cities are likely to experience a new wave of innovation, efficiency, and reliability. With an impact on transportation, cities, policies and technology industry.

The viewers also enjoyed the experience of live self-driving demonstrations. They explored the aftermarket enhancements and participated in ride-and-drive experiences. The audience witnessed how blockchain technology gets incorporated into business solutions, and then offers improved security, supply chain to the payment process, data sharing, and food safety.

Accely was extremely pleased to be in the presence of such visionaries and cherished the opportunity to attend many more such events.