Accley To Attend Outstanding Ecommerce Event of 2014 – IRCE In USA


IRCE 2014 promises to be an outstanding ecommerce event and the world’s largest ecommerce conference and exhibition going to be held in Chicago from June 10-13. Accely a Global Technology House and a committed SAP Consulting Partner is thrilled to attend the world’s largest ecommerce event to share their expertise in this field.

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The diverse group of around 200 industry experts will represent all areas of the ecommerce industry and dive into key topics that will help improve your business globally. IRCE offers day-long workshops on June 10 and 13, topics being addressed include marketing, social media, merchandising, customer service, global markets, small retail and much more!

For all businesses looking for strategies to grow their online commerce revenue there is no better event than IRCE. IRCE attendees complement what they learn in the conference sessions by visiting the exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall where companies demonstrate the latest technology advancements and service offerings in the e-commerce industry.

The Exhibit Hall at IRCE 2014 offers the best opportunity e-commerce professionals will have in the next year to inspect latest technologies that are creating the new retail economy. The conference will cover all aspects of online retailing. More than 600 companies in the ecommerce solutions industry will fill the 250,000-square-foot show floor making it the largest display of services and technology in the e-commerce industry under one roof.