SAPERION Convention to highlight ECM Mobility and The Cloud


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The SAPERION Convention will be held in Berlin on the 24th and 25th of April. Cutting-edge solutions for electronic document management and digital archiving will take center stage at the convention. Expert presentations will examine solutions from a practical perspective, while workshops explore specific questions. The Convention is a free event targeting corporate IT managers. Speakers will be representatives of SAPERION and companies that have implemented SAPERION software.

The latest trends are to store data in the cloud and to give users access to electronic documents without concern for location or software platform. SAPERION AG of Berlin has solutions for both requirements and will discuss them in detail at the SAPERION Convention.

Project reports from well-known companies from a variety of industries will give attendees greater insight. They will show how organizations that adopted electronic HR records or integrated SharePoint documents into an enterprise-wide electronic archive, for example, have succeeded in optimizing and automating their processes without compromising security. Workshops will be dedicated to specific topics, such as centralized capturing of documents, how to use electronic archives to automate workflows, or how SharePoint can be integrated into a compliant public administration solution.