Make the Most of Your Workforce Management for Tomorrow with SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics


Make the Most of Your Workforce Management for Tomorrow with SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics

The ways businesses function have changed since the outburst of the coronavirus pandemic. Today, organizations at every scale, shape and size, rely more on the ‘new normal’ ways of executing business operations, rather than following the old, traditional route. The current challenge for organizations is developing a system that can co-exist with a modular workforce management system, allowing performance with seamless function of the HR systems.

With the advent of a newly formed management system, businesses will now manage their everyday operations, like job management, payments, rewards, development, and similar areas over a single platform. Moreover, during a time of crisis like this, businesses need to understand their needs for developed HCM systems that allow them to be integrated effectively and tightly connect to other sections of their enterprise systems.

Ever wondered which specific business solution can help us tackle the problem at hand?

The answer is SAP SuccessFactors; it helps organizations execute their operations by incorporating Human Capital Management with the Employee Experience Management solutions with the help of Qualtrics.

No, they aren’t different application integrations but a reliable package of solutions that you can access with the SAP SuccessFactors in your sales team.

Now, before we understand the different aspects of SAP SuccessFactors, it is time to take a look at the platform that transforms your workforce management with the help of Qualtrics.

How SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics Help Transform Business & Workforce Management

One of the latest transformations under the SAP SuccessFactors badge is how it has changed from the HCM vendor (dealing in customer management) to an HXM (coping with your users’ experience) vendor, using Qualtrics. Now, businesses are more focused on securing good results with the right working environment. They have finally understood how good experience matters, delivering the best working solutions and employee experiences for improved outcomes and output.

While the HCM systems provide users with different data at operations, Qualtrics adds on to the platform by implementing data based on the working experience, allowing individuals to measure notions, emotions, and goals over relevant scenarios. So, when your business operations are secured with the help of employee perspectives on the outside and inside work, you are at better odds to build a reliable relationship with them.

Qualtrics performs by combining the different data aspects, allowing the platform to easily integrate with the HR at operations with employee experience data. This way, your workforce management can allow you to gather all the relevant pieces of information, paired with practicality.

When your business operations and HR aspects are paired with routine work events, that include role change, performance reviews, or to call out for unexpected events, like the recent pandemic, you can hover upon the collected data and work accordingly. Through this, your organization is at a better chance of predicting challenges, delivering accurate results, and correct errors. This way, SAP SuccessFactors, when paired to Qualtrics, help you transform your workforce management.

Different SAP Qualtrics Management Solution that Enhances Employee Experience

When paired to Qualtrics, SAP SuccessFactors allows you to pair your business with three different management solutions for employees to perform your business with HR leaders. Further, these applications also allow real-time insights on all the operations running on the database with the help of miscellaneous data, collected via feedback of the employee’s lifecycle.

1. SAP Qualtrics Employee Engagement

The SAP Qualtrics employee management feature emphasizes the different factors that help an enterprise focus on employee engagement, besides allowing the Head of Relations team to enable enhanced productivity among the employees. The platform focuses on doing the same by leveraging some accurate insights, occupied by all the real-time operations that are being executed around the organization.

Further, this business solution allows the management to employ, attract, retain and nourish the ideal talent. This employee management solution allows business executives to record and retain different formats of information via feedback. So, business managers can execute operations using the different employee experiences, allowing them to figure out the key areas to focus on business and take the respective actions.

Further, this business solution also uses all the latest and updated analytics with Text iQ to execute operations efficiently. The AI aspect of the solution allows businesses to take on all the trends, hover around different topics and keep an eye on the employee attitude.

2. SAP Qualtrics Employee Lifecycle

As the name suggests, the SAP Qualtrics Employee Lifecycle solution allows you to keep a track of all the information on the employee, their journey in the organization right from the hiring process. The solution allows the management to track actionable insights and work on the areas that would enhance employee experience and help the organization to retain them in business.

Further, when you have such actionable insights in hand, you can easily spot all the gaps that drop efficiency and the chain of order between the top and the organization’s lower management. When your HR unit is focused on matching the expectations with the reality of the employees, users can easily enhance the rate of operations among the workforce. Moreover, this solution also allows businesses to get expert onboarding automation that allows them to get the ideal candidate for the job.

All the functions stated above can be availed easily with the help of HXM embedded into the HCM system that exists already. Using Qualtrics Employee Lifecycle, businesses of every shape and size can use all the essential drivers that allow them to use all the required actions to retain ideal working talent.

3. SAP Qualtrics Employee Benefits Optimizer

Now that global markets get more competitive, random hiring and firing of employees are no longer the case. Today, businesses don’t want to waste their time in the trial-and-error method but trying to attract the ideal candidates and retain them. Interestingly, the third solution allows businesses to leave behind the guesswork and firmly execute the task.

The solution allows organizations to determine the needs of the employees (the benefits they desire) and allow the management to craft the most desirable compensation and benefits packages. This way, the HR management team can easily leverage the benefit and pair it with the desirable spend, allowing them to come up with a reliable solution for the organization.

With SAP transforming HCM into HXM, your business can also make the best of the trade-offs that different employees are willing, by using different forms of analysis and surveys. So you don’t really give out packages that might harm your company’s revenues in the near future.


When you are deciding on a reliable HR solution for your business, it’s important to consider all the necessary aspects of executing your business operations. Further, considering the current challenges at hand, it is always a smart move to think of a future where you have a reliable workforce that is developed to retain the best for your organization.

Lastly, when you pair SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics to your HR operations, outcomes training the ideal candidate for your business bee most ideal result.