Why Mobile App Development Companies Should Choose SAP Solutions


Today SAP is a leading company that provides both mobile application solutions and mobile device management. SAP Mobile Platform is a mobile application development platform that focuses on building B2B and B2C applications. SMP allows you to connect business data with mobile devices to streamline workflow management and integrate back office. 

SAP Mobility Solutions is one of the quickest ways through which you can reach out to SAP’s 2 million existing customers using the Company’s app store. 

Why the Android App Developers Should Invest in SAP 

The Android App Development still holds the lion’s share in the mobile application industry with 65% market revenue. Therefore, SAP was quick to pounce on the opportunity and enter into a partnership with Google to jointly work on Android for Work program. 


SAP Partners with Google 

SAP has also announced that the Company would continue to support all Android customers willing to use the latest version of SAP HANA Cloud Platform with Android Operating System. Also, you can leverage the benefit of its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions that involve SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Mobile Secure applications. 


Well, this is not all. The Company also released SAP Mobile Cards for Android and SAP Cloud Platform SDK (Software Development Kit).


What Does it Imply

  • First and foremost, this alignment simplifies the management of all your IT-related tasks. Also, it protects your corporate data on all devices. 
  • SAP introduced Android SDK and Cloud Platform to rapidly develop robust and responsive native applications for worldwide Android users. 
  • The Android for Work Program focuses on mitigating security concerns related to cross-platform application development. The developers face these issues during handshaking or data exchange. 
  • You can sign up for SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services. 
  • You also get to use a trial version of the account before using a full paid version. 


Why iOS Developers Should Choose SAP Solutions 


Like Google, SAP has also aligned with Apple to develop beautiful native and enterprise iOS apps with the help of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. The CEOs of both companies met at SAPPHIRE NOW to discuss the integration of innovative technologies such as Machine Learning and Augmented Reality into iOS SDK. It helps to provide accurate information to the right individual in real-time so that he can make the best business decisions. 

The best part of this partnership is that iOS developers don’t have to learn a new language, and they can continue building apps using Apple’s modern programming language, Swift. 

The SDK backend mobile services support both online and offline functionality. The backend solutions generate object-oriented API optimizing data synchronization. It allows you to update and encrypt only changed data in the mobile database. 

  • You can deliver native iOS apps that can easily integrate with third-party systems. 
  • You get access to all the design and development tools at one place to create innovative and intuitive enterprise apps. 
  •  SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services lets you create and deliver secured apps. 
  • You can build optimum business apps and collaborate it with enterprise-grade capabilities. 
  • SAP also provides a comprehensive set of tutorials and innovative tools to the iOS mobile app developers using Swift.


Role of SAP Fiori in Mobile App Development


SAP Fiori is no new solution in the mobile app development industry. A large number of applications use SAP Fiori to upgrade consumer-standard user experience. You can use it on both large and small screens.

However, that’s one part of the story. You can open SAP Fiori in a browser on any device with or without an internet connection. It means Fiori apps allow you to work offline as well. 

SAP Fiori also supports a wide range of organizational activities like streamlining the manufacturing process, human resource management, inventory and sales management, finance, and more. You can also perform your daily routine tasks to increase productivity. 


What’s in There for SAP Enterprise Mobile Solutions 


Industry 4.0 is here, and SAP does not want to let go of this opportunity. Therefore, it has launched SAP Enterprise Mobility Solutions that allow you to upscale your technology and simplification of complex tasks further. 

You can automate your workforce to improve its efficiency. Bridge the communication through connected workforce platform. Monitor the performance of your employees, assets, and equipment in real-time access.  

  • The Enterprise Mobile App Platform helps in overcoming the hassles of asset management to drive you through high levels of productivity.  
  • Get almost 100% accurate inventory and asset tracking with end-to-end supply chain management. 


Let’s Wrap it Up 

The technology-driven SAP ERP has brought a significant revolution in mobile application development with a focus on customer engagement and business transformation. The Company has partnered with the two most popular mobile application platforms; Android and iOS to accelerate and simplify app development.