What’s new in the SAP Analytics Cloud release for Q4 2021?


SAP Analytics Cloud release for Q4 2021

As the use of technology is increasing day by day, it is getting more important for financial professionals to get better business insights to keep track of the cost and revenue of the organization. Considering covid times, Cloud has become a necessity for businesses. Cloud can be considered an upgradeable, steady, and dexterous solution that can provide valuable insights and real-time data for any organization.

This blog will cover one such technology that plays an important role in reducing IT costs, improving data security, and increasing overall efficiency, speed, and flexibility. SAP Analytics Cloud technology helps organizations manage, envision, plan, and forecast important and relevant information at a single platform.

In this article, we will be talking about the 4th Quarter Release of SAP Analytics Cloud and its working areas across all lines of business.

Data Discovery

One of the top featured highlights of this quarterly release is that Data Analyzer can be easily accessed from the side navigation bar. This feature allows users to get to their data without creating a story first. The other enhancement to Data Analyzer is the addition of attribution, which simplifies the usage and navigation. With the 4th Quarter Release of SAP Analytics Cloud, one can easily go through the important files and achieve real-time insights for data exploration.

Dashboard and Story Design

New Innovation and Enhancements in the SAP Analytics Cloud release for Q4 2021 provides story designers with best-practice performance tips to ensure optimal story design. These performance optimization tips offer designers to manage their content creation process at their preferences. In addition, there are various notification icons also included for story designers to notify:

  • Enable Optimization Mode
  • Too many pages added to a story
  • Too many widgets are added to a page
  • To collapse page filters input control

Enterprise Planning

With its new release for Q4 2021, SAP Analytics Cloud has introduced a new planning area to optimize data entry. There are as many as 12 features are added in the 2021 release for optimized data planning. These new features for planning models minimize the data and time required to create a private version or to edit a public version. SAC refines general editing time for massive data sets with its latest release. It also allows organizations to streamline planning workflows for editable data. Some features of enterprise planning are as follows:

  • Selection of multiple nodes
  • Different types of formats for customer properties
  • Copy-paste for navigational attributes in a table
  • Plan locking capabilities
  • Calendar task time

Mobile Analytics

This quarter, SAP Analytics Cloud has come up with another addition that includes Analytics Catalog in the SAP Analytics Cloud mobile iOS app. With the help of this new release, organizations are now empowered to achieve a uniform experience for accessing responsive stories and designer applications on mobile devices. With one click on the Analytics Catalog tab in the SAP Analytics Cloud mobile iOS app, organizations can achieve various benefits such as:

  • Simplified search through a list of public catalog
  • Sorting of data as recently added, most viewed, and chronological order
  • Management of associated open files
  • Considering overall Analytics Catalog as a default tab

Add-In for Microsoft Office

With its new release for Q4 2021, SAP Analytics Cloud has introduced a Microsoft add-in for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. This feature organization can seamlessly connect live to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with the effective use of Microsoft Excel on both desktop and mobile with high flexibility. In addition, this new version allows organizations to use various functions to arrange, expand and collapse hierarchies based on rankings. Along with this feature, there are some other enhancements are also available that are:

  • The ability of side calculation
  • Connecting two planning models
  • Use of formulas for data entry in a pixel-perfect report.

Smart Predict

Smart Predict is one of the most required features that SAP Analytics Cloud has introduced in its new release for Q4 2021. This feature provides the ability to the customers to improve their planning along with better management of data actions. In addition, this new quarterly release helps organizations improve overall usability.

User Collaboration

In this quarter, SAP Analytics Cloud has come up with another addition which includes user collaboration across various SAP Cloud Platforms. This innovation empowers organizations to achieve proper scheduling of customer requests seamlessly. In its new release for Q4 2021, SAP Analytics Cloud has offered an intuitive user interface with the ability to schedule monthly.

Customer Influence Portal

One of the top featured highlights of this quarterly release is that customers now can get the Customer influence portal for SAP Analytics Cloud, which allows them to put forward their ideas and thoughts for various new features in SAP Analytics Cloud.


For organizations to become insights-driven often needs organizations to adopt new capabilities and technologies with the consequential integration efforts. Every organization must remodel its data management and decision-making strategies using Analytics and Cloud combinations. SAP Analytics Cloud, with its new release for Q4 2021, provides an instinctive interface that empowers business enterprises to execute tasks smoothly and rapidly, with functionality that resembles the technologies that they already use to facilitate adoption. The key objective of using this technology is to provide the business enterprises with the right set of tools to cover the complete process easily and efficiently.