What Makes SAP Analytics Cloud Perfect for Improving Business Performance?


SAP has been a growing trend in the era of digitization. In fact, as much as 33% of the respondents in a survey said that they would consider implementing the new and advanced SAP setup.

Having said that, SAP Analytics Cloud is a specifically designed tool on a comprehensive BI (business intelligence) platform. The sole intention for building this tool is to provide an all-in-one analytics capabilities to businesses.

SAP Analytics Cloud Perfect for Improving Business Performance

Why Machine Learning Is a Big Deal

Artificial intelligence is the future and machine learning and predictive analysis are the biggest weapons to the armory. Back in 2016, the AI software industry was at $1.4 billion and is expected to grow to a staggering $59.8 billion by 2025.

Think of how easy it has become for end customers to browse e-commerce websites, thanks to the personalized recommendations made with the help of machine learning. In fact, according to StatWolf, Netflix could save around $1 billion in 2017 using its machine learning and predictive analysis.

The massive customer data couldn’t have been used in a better way had it not been for machine learning. And with SAP AC (Analytics Cloud), predictive analysis and decision-making are powered by this future concept.

SAP Analytics Cloud Perfect for Improving Business Performance


Top Features of SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is built on the native SAP HANA Cloud and is a great help for data analysts and data scientists (in certain cases) to make predictions and visualize plans, all under one secured cloud environment.

The main features of SAP AC can be defined in a detailed manner. 

Take a look:

  • Predictive Analysis

The primary feature for SAP Analytics Cloud is predictive analysis. It implements machine learning and artificial intelligence to make predictions of various forms. The guided predictions are made with the use of transformations, Smart Discovery and various analytics and insights.

  • Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics allows data analysts with all-in-one what-if predictions and other ad-hoc. This type of analytics comes very handy for users. 

  • Access to Data

SAP Analytics Cloud gives users access to data in real-time. Going by the way the tool is integrated, the access is allowed to all types of applications, be it non-SAP on-premise or SAP HANA (cloud-based).

  • Modification Tools

Besides providing access to data, SAP AC also offers certain modifications and creation tools that can be used for analysis, forecasting, and data-driven budgeting from a single cloud interface.

  • Integration for Microsoft Office

SAP Analytics Cloud integration with Microsoft Office is a great way for users to work with handling data in a familiar and user-friendly interface.

Why Businesses Prefer SAP Analytics Cloud to Improve Business Performance

SAP SAC has been widely known as a very business-friendly software to bring about scalability to both big and small corporations. Being a SAP solution, it can make for a very comprehensive approach for businesses with its managerial and process-related tasks.

Check out some top USPs of SAP Analytics Cloud

Easy-to-use and Comprehensive

  • SAP AC is easy to use with its integrations and offers businesses great scalability
  • The user-management is a comprehensive aspect of the tool and provides quick access to new groups and users
  • It allows access for all the in-house data, be it cloud-stored, third-party or on-premise
  • SAP AC works with a high-level of machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • The tool also allows users to create automated dashboards in just a single click
  • It offers various factors of analytics, including what-if simulations or influencer analysis

Clean Management

  • SAP AC brings all the predictions, forecasts, budgets, etc., in a single view
  • It boasts of flexibility as the users can access dashboards and stories from anywhere by just using a mobile app
  • Brings a very feature-rich board-room experience for the users for interactive meetings and other sessions

Businesses Prefer SAP Analytics Cloud

Top Benefits That Businesses Yield from SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Simplified Data

The real deal behind SAP Analytics Cloud is the simplified approach it offers businesses. It helps users connect all the required data from different sources and then interprets it using visuals. Such creative visualization is what helps organizations make better decisions.

  • Better Discovery of Your business

All the data collected and put together with the help of SAP Analytics Cloud is reliable and can make for a great source of great visual insights and decision-making. The data is stacked up efficiently to bring an answer to all your queries.

  • Rapid Growth, a Future Prospect

Businesses have a great preference for SAP Analytics Cloud for the kind of bright future prospects it brings. It makes it easier for users to plan and analyze data and use the same to improve business performance both in the short as well as long run.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence is what drives the future closer.

Summing up

SAP Analytics Cloud is designed to combine the capabilities and scopes of machine learning and large pools of data to make something constructive. This constructive visualized data can help businesses make decisions regarding their strategies in a much better and lucrative way.

SAP Analytics Cloud from Accely is your go-to tool for confident and fast decision-making situations. Learn more about how it can help with enterprise planning, get in touch!