What Is Included In SAP Managed Services?


What Is Included In SAP Managed Services?

Modern business environments are running on digital solutions and advanced technologies. One of the most common things you can find in any successful business in the 21st century is equipped with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. In most cases, these ERP solutions are SAP ERPs, as these solutions are ideally designed to cater to the requirements of the modern business environment.

Unfortunately, managing these SAP solutions is never easy. There are so many complexities that one must navigate to ensure the solution serves each of their requirements with the utmost efficacy. This obviously becomes very challenging for businesses as they cannot devote all their resources to just one area.

This is where a little assistance from partners can come in handy with SAP Managed Services. Hiring an SAP partner can help you make the most of the solution with no hassle whatsoever. So continue reading to learn more about SAP Managed Services.

What is SAP Managed Services?

As mentioned earlier, managing your SAP solutions is difficult, with many challenges at play. Thus, SAP Managed Services will provide your business with an experienced team of SAP professionals who understand SAP better than anything else. Their services will help you manage your SAP solutions with minimal hassle to ensure effective management of your daily business operations.

When you partner with SAP Managed Services provider, they will assign a team of experts to work with your in-house IT professionals. The team will assess all your business requirements and customize SAP solutions to help you meet those needs and requirements with no hassle whatsoever.

You can establish a responsible relationship with your SAP Managed Services provider as a business. This is done through the responsibility assignment matrix, commonly known as the RACI matrix. This agreement will be curated in terms of the business requirements of the individual business, which can vary based on different factors.

Significance of SAP Managed Services

The primary reason why a business works with an SAP Managed Services provider is simply to free their IT professionals, ensuring they focus on other value-driven tasks. This is very important for businesses that use SAP applications to support their business processes. Leveraging SAP Managed Services gives one access to effective strategies to drive well-thought-out optimization to suit their budget and requirements.

Businesses must understand and acknowledge that ensuring effective maintenance of SAP   solutions can be very resource-intensive. Thus the technological capabilities brought in by SAP Managed Services will help you better manage your IT resources. For starters, you need not worry about losing tons of hours in monitoring and maintaining the solution. Consequently, this allows you to reduce the number of IT professionals in your organization and save on overall costs.

Your organization needs to leverage every capability and competency of your SAP solutions; failing to do so will automatically hamper the returns you were expecting to generate from the investment. Thus leveraging the com[petencies of SAP Managed Services can help you maintain consistency across business processes with unmatched reliability. This will also allow your employees to remain focused on their daily activities without any interruption.

Qualities You Should Look For In An SAP Managed Services Partner

Maintaining your SAP solutions requires consistent efforts. Thus, when you start your search for an SAP Managed Services partner, it is important to ensure you can trust them with the job. This will ensure consistent enhancements to keep your solutions in line with current business requirements.

But besides that, there are a couple more things you need to look for in SAP Managed Services partner. Some of these things include:

  • Assurance for a certain level of uptime
  • Flexibility to ensure your budget and requirements are met effectively
  • Number of experts certified by SAP
  • Experience in managing different SAP solutions
  • Operational service level agreements or SLAs must be unmatched at all times
  • The customer satisfaction level of your SAP Managed Services partner must be at its best

Your SAP Managed Services partner must be able to help you plan, run, and build critical SAP-related solutions and applications. This will ensure that all your requirements are met in this fast-evolving business environment with no hassle.

What Do You Get With SAP Managed Services?

SAP Managed Services partners must be able to help an organization make the most of the SAP solutions. This includes every aspect of the solution, be it scalability or data protection; every aspect is important here. Other than that, customization, upgrades, and seamless implementation are other areas that can need your SAP Managed Services partner.

Nonetheless, some of the most prevalent things you can expect to get with SAP Managed Services include:

SAP Remote Managed Hosting and Services

  • The problem, change, and incident management
  • Infrastructure
  • Support based on SAP
  • Capacity
  • Administration of database
  • Enhancements, upgrades, and installations

SAP Maintenance

  • Software updates
  • Continual recommendations on different issues
  • SAP service marketplace
  • Early watch alerts for SAP solutions
  • Maintenance support for SAP solutions

SAP Hosting

  • Hosted SAP HANA
  • Support based on SAP
  • Managed security for SAP

SAP Service Delivery Management

  • Reporting for service level
  • Value-added services
  • Hyper care services
  • Single source management
  • Platinum services
  • Coordinated services

SAP Security

  • Management and assessment of vulnerabilities
  • Security management and event management (SIEM)
  • Planning and strategizing security
  • Single sign-on
  • Protection for endpoint
  • Security for different perimeters through IDPS and Firewall

Application Managed Services (AMS) for SAP

  • Fixing or breaking
  • Upgrades for SAP solutions
  • Enhancements and optimizations of SAP applications
  • Access to the latest SAP application
  • Testing and support for applications
  • Roll-outs for SAP
  • Small changes in applications
  • Upgrades for SAP solutions

SAP Business Continuity

  • Backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • High availability

These are a few of the many things you can get with SAP Managed Services. Therefore, keep this information in mind next time you are out looking for a trusted SAP Managed Services partner. Also, remember these offerings can vary based on the SAP Managed Services partner you choose to manage your SAP solutions.

Bottom Line

SAP solutions are certainly complex, but that does not mean businesses should be afraid of benefiting from these solutions. Once you can navigate the benefits of SAP solutions, rewards are worth all the effort. So stop contemplating further and get in touch with SAP Managed Services experts at our SAP consulting company.