What are the best practices before reporting an incident to SAP?


What are the best practices before reporting an incident to SAP?

Enterprise Resource Planning tools are the backbone of most organizations across a wide range of industry verticals. SAP -whether SAP Application Management or SAP Managed Services form an integral part of the commonly used ERP tools across the globe. Understanding the core functionalities and features offered by SAP solutions has become a core skill in the modern era.

To support the same, SAP comes forth with a comprehensive set of useful resources to help its users. For instance, if you have to report an incident to SAP, there are several options available to simplify the process. To be assured of the best outcomes, you can always hire help from the best SAP consulting services.

Best Practices Before Reporting an Incident to SAP

  • Taking Assistance from the SAP Help Portal

SAP Help Portal Snapshot

Source: https://help.sap.com/

The SAP Help Portal is the dedicated platform by SAP for providing access to product documentation along with other related information. Some of the relevant information you can get from the portal are links to respective community content, information related to product availability, and SAP Notes.

The site of SAP Help Portal features a number of landing pages or overview sections for every SAP product. It will eventually bundle together all the relevant links to the related information like installation, upgrade guides, SAP notes, release information, and SAP product documentation.

One of the core features to enhance the overall experience of using the SAP Help Portal is adding your favorite range of SAP products to the same. If you wish to make any SAP product as your favorite, select the Star sign situated next to the product page or product name. You can look for the same on the search results page as well.

  • SAP Community

SAP Community Snapshot

Source: https://community.sap.com/

SAP Community serves to be a dedicated social network platform for SAP professionals out there. The platform permits upgrading the manner in which a number of SAP users function on a daily basis. SAP Community serves to be a highly receptive and inclusive environment wherein all individuals are allowed to seek assistance as well as acquire knowledge about available SAP software and other solutions.

To get the most out of the SAP Community portal, you can check the Questions & Answers section. You can also check out the SAP Blogs for going through professional information. When you tag your questions with the right tags, it will help in improving the searchability of the same. Therefore, the overall chances of a prospect going through your questions with the relevant tags will also increase. You can also go through the wide range of features of the SAP Community while making yourself familiar with the community guidelines.

With SAP Community, you can expect the following assistance:

  • Clarification of cases with the help of public official documents
  • Basic how-to questions
  • Cases not requiring debugging
  • Cases that are effectively solved by offering traces or screenshots
  • Cases that can be effectively tested without screen sharing or system access

SAP Community also helps with resolving a wide range of issues through existing documentation.

  • SAP Notes & Knowledge Base Articles

SAP Knowledge Base Snapshot

Source: https://support.sap.com/en/my-support/knowledge-base.html

Within the scope of SAP One Support Launchpad, you have the opportunity to search across a wide range of repositories -including SAP KBAs (Knowledge Base Articles) and SAP Notes. You can also get access to the relevant documentation, content of SAP Community, and so more. At the same time, users are also allowed to search across Expert Search -responsible for retrieving SAP KBAs and SAP Notes depending on advanced selection criteria.

Some of the helpful pointers about SAP Notes are:

  • 80 percent of SAP Notes feature coding corrections
  • Capable of solving complex technical issues
  • A majority of SAP Notes feature the issue’s description from the technical point-of-view and business perspective at the same time
  • Presence of an implementation tool for ensuring coding corrections for helping customers in the implementation of SAP Notes

Additionally, some of the helpful pointers with respect to SAP KBAs are:

  • Availability of previews on leading search engines like Google
  • Improved content -like embedded videos and screenshots
  • Absence of coding corrections
  • Provision of ratings on the KBA’s quality
  • Provision of incident-centric documents
  • Guided Answers

SAP Guided Answers Snapshot

Source: https://ga.support.sap.com/dtp/viewer/

In SAP, the feature of Guided Answers is useful in troubleshooting as well as finding relevant solutions to a wide range of technical problems with the help of the step-by-step guide. Leading SAP experts come up with documenting the exact steps required for analyzing existing issues while making the guide available for the end users.

Guided Answers is expected to grow in popularity with time towards accommodating new solutions as well as troubleshooting scenarios. Some of the aspects to know about Guided Answers are:

  • Guiding you towards finding the right solution
  • The more often you will use Guided Answers, the smarter the section will eventually become

Offering you the ability to offer real-time feedback.

  • Incident Solution Matching

It is a high-end solution based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technologies. The solution is aimed at helping users get access to the right answers to their technical questions quickly. The solution of Incident Solution Matching is embedded within the Incident Creation form. Moreover, it is made accessible with the help of SAP One Support Launchpad.

In Conclusion

With access to a myriad of SAP tools and solutions, you can come across the right solution to your problem within an instant. Whether you use SAP Support or SAP Managed services, reliable solutions from professional SAP consulting service providers can help your business significantly.

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