Throwback to Top Five Innovations in Emarsys from 2021


Throwback to Top Five Innovations in Emarsys from 2021

The last two years have been very unconventional for most businesses and corporations, given the challenges brought forward by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this has also encouraged numerous innovations, and most organizations such as Emarsys have performed very well. Organizations have developed varied ways to service clients much better and boost overall customer engagement.

The innovations of Emarsys bring forward an opportunity to learn from their accomplishments and leverage the same for their good. Therefore, let’s take a look at five of the most notable innovations added by Emarsys in 2021.

Web Push

Marketing is all about delivering the appropriate message through the appropriate channel and proper time. This is the most effective way to boost personalization and connect with customers more effectively. Channels to connect with customers are no shortage, but adding a new channel to the mix offers new unexplored opportunities. In 2021 Web Channel In-Session Upsell and Web Push features did in.

The latest Web Push channel offered by Emarsys enables users to send out browser push messages as a different channel. Your customers will receive these push messages when active on the browser through phone or computer, whether they are on your website. This is a great way to keep customers updated about all the business’s latest offerings and direct them towards its website.

Often, customers require a little push to engage and purchase from the brand. This is where the In-Session Upsell Web Channel comes in handy, as it provides the customers with a real-time overlay of the website. This also tells them about the value of their cart and if they qualify for free shipping. This is very effective in increasing the average order value of customers.


Delivering highly sophisticated engagements just got easier with Emarsys Personalization Engine. This is a great way to simplify the process of creating personalization with practical tactics and rules that will drive better results.

Users further get the flexibility to configure the personalization rules based on their fields of the catalogs. Users can leverage this feature to filter out the different product catalogs based on the categories of the products. One further leverages the AI-based recommendation mechanism to recommend products to customers based on the unique rules specific to the business. This eliminates the need for any custom-build solution or extensive scripting.

Emarsys is certainly making marketing more efficient with better and improved tactics. Users now have the flexibility to select any time, day, or other specific details and send the same to customers. This allows one to regulate the degree and frequency of personalization in automation without any assistance from the IT department.


The best way to determine the performance of marketing campaigns is through analytics. This is the best way to get the most reliable picture of the outcomes generated by the marketing efforts. Some of the latest analytics features offered by SAP Emarsys include:

  • Automating marketing can help one focus on other value-driven tasks. However, it is crucial to determine if the campaigns generate any revenue. This is where value measurement can determine if the automated marketing campaigns are driving any revenue. This further enables businesses to make necessary enhancements whenever required.
  • Revenue Analytics for Web Push: This feature enables users to track and manage the performance of Web Push. one can even measure the impact of marketing strategies specific to any particular channel.
  • Revenue Attribution for SMS: This enables users to incorporate links within SMSs to connect the campaigns and sales. This helps one get a nuanced understanding of the impact of SMS marketing on the business.


Mobile applications are far more streamlined than websites, which further aids in delivering compelling customer experiences. Applications on mobile phones are also easier to navigate, and the best part is that customers remain focused on the brand throughout their engagement. The latest innovations by Emarsys on this front enable users to facilitate better and deeper connections with their customers.

For instance, this in-app messaging feature enables your business to communicate with customers while active on the application. Leveraging this, sending out contextual messages such as on-event action messages and overlays can be very helpful in building effective relationships with customers.

There is also the Geofencing functionality that enables you to reduce the gap between the online and offline presence of the brand. This allows users to deliver the right message at the right time. For instance, one can send a notification when customers are nearby the business store to enhance the chances of a sale.

One can even check out the self-service SMS and MMS onboarding to boost onboarding without depending on the IT department. This is a great way to connect with customers using varied channels for the task.


Customer loyalty is imperative for boosting the revenue generated by the business. The latest customer loyalty enhancements offered by Emarsys makes it significantly easier to encourage loyalty among customers with tactics such as:

  • Refer a friend: As long as you can deliver a great experience to customers, the chances are high that customers will refer your brand to other friends. This is a great way to highlight the advantages of onboarding and increasing the customer base.
  • Join Loyalty: Keep customers updated about all the benefits they can avail of when they become loyal brand members. This encourages increased registration with enticing advantages of joining the loyalty program.
  • Refer a friend with Loyalty Wallet: This is an effective way to deal with any friction among customers by enabling them to refer friends more easily. This is a great way to refer friends when customers shop through the website or application.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the finest Emarsys deployed by Emarsys, helping businesses in many ways. Therefore, companies must deploy such enhancements and drive amplified results with their marketing efforts. Hence reach out to your SAP implementation companies and start growing your business.