The Power Of A Single Click In SAP Signature Management By Docusign


SAP Signature Management By Docusign

In this fast-moving era, advanced technologies are overpowering traditional processes. Digitization, online processes are getting more viable than physical processes, and one such process involves signatures. 

Signatures are required in every organization. Whether you are receiving a contract or giving one, a signature makes the process authentic.

Keeping this problem in mind, SAP Signature Management and Docusign joined hands to help incorporate a connection between these two platforms. They provide users with a digital hassle-free way of signing documents online. This helps in getting talent onboard easily and mitigates risk.

Understanding DocuSign

Understanding DocuSign 

There are various reasons for businesses to choose DocuSign. The organizations are reporting a massive success rate with the usage of SAP Signature Management from DocuSign. Currently, around 584 companies are using DocuSign worldwide

For beginners, they enable documented signatures through SAP C/ 4HANA sales quote. There is an easy alternative approach by downloading add-ons for DocuSign from the SAP marketplace. Thereon, foster the integration process of DocuSign and SAP C/4HANA.

The most important feature of SAP C/4HANA is that the users not only send documents for signature but can also track the status within the Sales Quote to receive the signed document in the pdf format. The users also receive a completion certificate.

Here are three points that will showcase the upshots of DocuSign.

upshots of DocuSign

Induce Revenue 

  • With the help of this solution, the amount expended on Papers, Files, Printing, Posting, etc gets recouped. This cost-cutting in the operations leads to the generation of good revenue.

This transformation not only saves Operational expenses but also saves a lot of time for other business-related works.

Augmented Visibility

  • DocuSign provides high transparency in the process. You can track the status of the document handling. It starts with the sending procedure until the signoff process from SAP C/4HANA Sales Quote.
  • Clients get full visibility from the document recipient. Plus, they also get visibility if they sign/ hold/ decline the document through SAP C/4HANA Sales Quote Object.
  • The add on facilitates notification and is delivered once the document is received, signed, or declined by the recipient.

Increased Productivity

  • SAP C/4HANA DocuSign integration provides the user with a single touch process. You need to send the documents through the SAP C/4HANA Sales Quote Object and tap on the “Send with DocuSign” button.
  • Businesses showcase progress while working with DocuSign since everything is on the digital platform with automated signature management.
  • Another feature that DocuSign provides is that it converts documents to pdf format automatically. You can access the converted document from the Signature Management system to transmit the pdf by tapping on “Send with DocuSign”.
  • Once this activity is completed, you can track progress status through SAP C/4HANA Sales Quote Object. They will provide complete status according to the sender’s action.
  • You can easily procure the Signed document in the pdf format along with a COC in the SAP C/4HANA Sales Quote Object.
DocuSign - Increase Productivity

What makes DocuSign the best?

Here are a few points that show how DocuSign helps businesses.

  • You can send documents with a one-tap process making this the most flexible and convenient solution.
  • It helps in closing a deal faster than physical outputs. Digital Signature Management makes it easier to convert a quotation into a deal.
  • Tracks the status of the document through SAP C/4HANA Sales Quote. 
  • This solution provides enhanced transparency by providing real-time statuses on the deal. 
  • Eliminates the paperwork and replaces it with the cloud. Cloud manages the business more efficiently than offline managers.
  • Impress your clients by signing documents instantly irrespective of time, place, or device. This is an easy and handy solution for businesses.
  • It assures high security of the documents and the signatures. The bonus point of this solution is that the signature generated electronically means it is authorized and recognized worldwide. 

Creating an Account on DocuSign Demo

Creating an account on DocuSign is an easy process. Plus it takes very little time. 

By following these steps anyone can create DocuSign Demo account:

  • Start by visiting the site by clicking on the official URL of DocuSign Demo.
  • Then, click on “Create Sandbox Account”.
  • Fill the basic information and create the demo account.

For sending live documents, you need the production account. To set this up, contact the account executives of SAP C/4HANA. 

Doc Sign - Account on DocuSign Demo

Enabling SAP C/4HANA / DocuSign Integration

  • To download the add on, you need to login to the SAP marketplace. 
  • For SAP C/4HANA DocuSign Integration, the add on needs to be downloaded on the preferred device.
  • Then, you have to raise a query with SAP, proposing it to generate MCS keys. The subject of the query must be, “forward to Customer Infrastructure Support Team”.
  • SAP will provide their response and MCS keys will be generated soon.
  • Next, download the file mentioned in the second step. Use SAP Cloud Application Studio to download the file and use the MCS keys obtained earlier. 
  • After the add-on procedure is completed in SAP C/4HANA, clients with have to activate the integration by following these steps.
  1. Login to SAP C/4HANA.
  2. Go to “Business Configuration”.
  3. Choose the option “Implementation Projects”.
  4. Tap on “Edit Project Scope”.
  5. In the “Project Scope” option, select Next and shift to Question 4.
  6. To activate the integration, enhance the scoping aspect and navigate to sales. Quote and choose, “Do you want to integrate DocuSign Solution with the sales quote” question.
  7. Tap on “Next” until you get the confirmation.

By following these steps you can effortlessly activate the integration and enjoy the benefits of DocuSign.


send a document for signature by tapping a single button

How to send a document for signature by tapping a single button?

Sending documents with a single touch saves a lot of time and elevates productivity. A long process leads to declining revenue. So DocuSign is a smart option for shortening the process as well as boosting productivity.

Selection of a Sales Quote

With the SAP Signature Management, customers can push documents for signing within SAP C/4HANA Quote. While sending the document for signature, you have to search and send documents from the required option.

Choosing documents and recipients for the quote

  • To pick up a recipient for the document, select the “Parties involved” option on the Sales Quote record. From here, the documents are asked for the signature. SAP C/4HANA account manager can help in changing the setting for all contacts to be added to the recipient. Contact SAP C/4HANA manager for more queries related to this setting process
  • Add the required attachment such as Partnership Agreement or Contract in the pdf format. Attach this under the Sales Quote section you have to send.
  • While sending an attachment through Sales Quotes, the supported attachments depend on the current settings of the account. If the service provider has selected “Include All agreements”all files will be attached in the sales quote. For detailed information regarding this setting contact SAP C/4HANA account manager.

Sending documents with DocuSign

Click on the “Send with DocuSign” option within Sales Quote. A tagging page will open up and create a new DocuSign Envelope.

Tagging and Sending the Documents

  • To modify a document, click on “To” for adding or removing the recipient
  • Changing the email subject can be done by clicking on “Message”
  • Click on “Documents” to insert or eliminate documents.

Sending the document

After following all the above-mentioned processes click on the Send button. Then you can track updates through SAP Signature Management. 

Once you complete the envelope, the client will receive the documents in the pdf format along with the Certificate of Completion.

Additional features of DocuSign

  • Docusign features Biometric Phone Authentication
  • It provides the Certificate of Completion
  • This solution offers an audit trail, Agent role, Dynamic Forms
  • It is designed for mobile and is very handy 
  • DocuSign integrates with SAP C/4HANA Sales Quotes to provide collaboration or Markup in the process
  • It is ESIGN compliant and also provides Powerforms
  • It supports PDF Form Conversion
  • This solution authorizes Document Retention and Archiving.
  • It protects every document by encryption and making tamper-evident.
  • This support global time zone
  • The APIs are designed to provide easy and simple integration.


SAP Signature Management helps in digitizing paper-based tasks and supervising the documents in the cloud. 

This solution authorizes automated signatures around the globe helping to generate elevated revenue and helps in reducing cost by eliminating physical processes. 

It is easy to manage the external workforce through SAP Signature Manage. This platform is not only digital but is also more secure than the physical sources.