The Impact of AI and Machine Learning On Industries in 2020


Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is powerful and has been evolving rapidly. Currently, with Machine Learning, AI seems to be limitless and aims to outperform user expectations.

Today, AI has the power to accomplish tasks in computers that even humans struggled to perform. Machine Learning is breaking all norms of traditional programming and aiding computers to perform unachievable tasks.

Several industries can now acquire valuable data and use it to make decisions. This is possible by combining AI and Machine Learning.

In this article, we have discussed-


  • Significant Reasons for AI and Machine Learning
  • Industries Influenced with the blend of AI and Machine Learning


Discussed here are the reasons why the future of several industries lies in the hands of AI and Machine Learning-

  • Automation- The right mix of AI and Machine Learning drives industries in the new era of automation. This helps you to improve the productivity of your international business.
  • Creativity- AI and Machine Learning bring automation that allows employees to concentrate on the essential part of their work. This will give employees more time to think and search for innovative and creative ideas to complete their tasks. And, this eventually leads to the inception of creative processes.
  • Speed- The amalgamation of AI and Machine Learning results in the implementation of advanced technologies that enables completion of business activities at a faster pace.
  • Manage Bulk Data- Machine Learning and AI can organize, manage, and analyze massive data effortlessly.

Simply determining the advantages of AI and Machine Learning might not help you. It is important to understand the implementation and effectiveness of these technologies in varied industries.

Discussed here are industries that are highly influenced by the blend of AI and Machine Learning –


  • Finance


  • AI and Machine Learning can provide you precise solutions for a shared database. This will improve the efficiency of your financial system.
  • You can now enjoy a secure system.
  • AI and Machine Learning help you make lucrative business decisions and hence are quite prominent for financial advisory services.
  • This mix can track past data and predict future patterns. They can recommend you to buy, sell, and hold the right stocks. 
  • Data management also helps to handle business expenses wisely.


  • Retail


  • The retail industry has a tremendous influence on AI and Machine Learning.
  • This blend has helped the industry to bridge the gap of supply and demand even before the products are produced. This will minimize the wastage of products and save you from a potential loss.
  • It also helps you determine the product performance right before the launch.
  • You can save a lot of money with the help of this blend.
  • This gives you an opportunity to provide customized services to your customers. Offer products to your customers based on their search and filter options.
  • The filter option is a boon as it informs you of a specific category of products that the customer is interested in.


  • Media and entertainment


  • Digitization with Machine Learning and AI has made way for companies to reach the right audience. Your potential audience can easily acquire access to your content through this mix.
  • The digital platforms have gained a niche reputation and transformed into a fundamental revenue generator.
  • Machine Learning and AI can track user social media patter, information, and usage. It analyzes the type of content that a user prefers and recommends more of that source and category.


  • Healthcare


  • Machine Learning and AI ensure that improved healthcare services are offered to every individual.
  • This mix helps to not only manage patients but also their data.
  • There is a wide scope for Machine Learning and AI in medical science and the overall healthcare industry.
  • The industry is likely to reap the benefits of enhanced diagnostic techniques.
  • It can precisely trace diseases that might go unnoticed by doctors.
  • This mix has several advantages that can guide medical professionals in several medical arenas.
  • Machine Learning and AI can be a helping hand to doctors as it can detect diseases, affected areas, and case sensitivity.
  • Doctors can simply focus on the problem and invest time to treat patients.
  • This saves a lot of time and money.
  • Doctors can reach out to patients on time.