How Has SAP Simplified the Mobile App Development With Accelerated Customer Experience


How Has SAP Simplified the Mobile App Development With Accelerated Customer Experience

After disrupting a wide spectrum of industries such as manufacturing, retail, banking, education, and others, SAP has stepped into the world of mobile application development with immense possibilities. One has to certainly highlight the role of SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, which has simplified the development and operations along with configuration and management. It is an open, standards-based cloud platform.

Statista reports that there are 2.47 million Android apps and 1.8 million iOS apps. These figures will continue to roll up in the coming years. SAP Mobile Services aims to streamline the task of developers through the next generation cloud platform SDK for iOS and Android, It allows developers to easily extend enterprise apps and process mobile devices. The announcement to introduce SAP Cloud Platform was made last year in February at Mobile World Congress.

SAP Leonardo, the new digital innovation system has laid the foundation of SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services. The combination of two powerful and efficient technology has enabled the customers to leverage the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain, and others. The customers have become smart and intelligent and are ready for the 21st-century digital transformation.

With SAP Cloud Platform you can also accelerate the mobile app development cycle to build both native, hybrid as well as web applications. As mentioned earlier it uses SAP Cloud Platform Software Development Kit (SDK). Similarly, it also makes use of the OData Services and Application Programming Interface (APIs) to perform the same tasks. You can even build SAP Mobility apps; both on-premise and cloud implementing the right set of tools and frameworks.

Mobile applications are the best ways through which business enterprises can remain connected with their potential customers. And with a customer-centric approach, SAP has been and will continue to invest heftily in the mobile application.

One of the important steps in this regard is SAP’s partnership with Apple where it will create an iOS SDK for delivering rich, complex native iOS apps. In addition, the company will also introduce a mobile card for deploying the datasets into mobile devices in the form of a micro-app. To improve the visual appeal of the mobile app, SAP has added a low-code mobile app development feature.

SAP in an official statement has announced that the majority of its mobile investments will rely on the Cloud Platform. For example, the SDK for iOS will provide customers with a solution that can work on on-premise and cloud-based data sources. Apart from that SAP has also decided to enhance the quality of its services to customers using on-premise solutions in SAP Mobile Platform. All customers having an active maintenance agreement can expect to get extended SAP support.

SAP has also asked all its existing on-premise mobile platform customers to migrate to SAP Cloud Platform as the later offers various advantages.

It Allows You to Lower Your Operational Cost


When we take the entire operational cost into consideration such as the deployment of on-premise, we will notice that it will certainly shoot up. On the other hand, cloud services are cost-effective due to the following reasons-

  • The installation process, which includes preparation and automation scripts.
  • Use of the DB administration where you have to conduct backup, sanity check and DB check.
  • Installing the patch, which includes the testing.
  • Update the installation process.
  • Go for the hardware upgrades easily

When you are adopting the SAP Cloud Platform, all the above tasks will be handled by SAP and you will receive extensive support in centers around the world.

Accessing Innovations Swiftly


One of the other benefits that SAP Cloud Platform is that provides you access to the latest innovations in mobile app development quickly. The trends in mobile app development keep changing from time to time and as a developer, it is imperative to remain abreast of what’s new on the cards. However, to avail of this facility, you need to move on to the cloud.

Rich Set of Toolboxes


Next, SAP Cloud Platform offers you a rich set of toolboxes that includes SAP HANA, ASE database, HANA XS, HTML5, and ABAP. All these combined toolboxes help a great deal in developing a digital business enterprise. With experienced SAP Consulting Services, the mobile app development projects get into a set of possibilities where you can explore more options.

Securely Access All Your Confidential Data


SAP Cloud Platform provides secure access to all your enterprise data. It means you can easily connect with the backend system whether you are using an on-premise or cloud platform.

Security During Integration


The cloud users can easily authenticate with on-premise data where they have to use the service ad proxy to another cloud.

Two-Factor Authentication


In order to bolster the security of the data, SAP cloud offers the facility of the two-factor authentication process in which the user has to enter a one-time passcode to enter into the application.



With mobile application development gaining ground, SAP Cloud Platform is ready to simplify the task of its customers with continuous support for mobility. So, you should plan to migrate from on-premise to cloud as soon as possible to avail the various benefits.