SAP Leonardo Is The Future of Digital Transformation in Business


SAP Leonardo is the Future of Digital Technology

SAP launched its new digital innovation system called SAP Leonardo in June 2017. It provides software and micro-services that enable customers to utilize futuristic technologies such as the Internet of Things, machine learning, blockchain, analytics, and big data. This design thinking tools will create future digital business for consumers.

This machine learning service allows computers to learn without explicit programming. With the Big Data service, a massive amount of data becomes easier to manage. It’s a Blockchain service that helps improve audibility and reduce fraud. The internet of things is enshrined in everyday objects by using IoT.

The digital software program SAP Leonardo was developed with three goals in mind:

  •  Helping businesses to develop quickly and efficiently.
  • Incorporating innovation into the business stuff
  • Scaling up technologies to increase the value

SAP Leonardo is much more than you know, so you need to tackle the immediate problems to understand the scope of how it works. Here are some reasons how SAP Leonardo can transform your ERP.

1. SAP Leonardo is the Future of Digital Technology

It is a digital innovation platform, an umbrella term that allows customers to get to SAP’s parts and products cross-functionally over growing innovations, such as Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain. It is regularly linked to the benefits of the SAP Cloud Platform but is not restricted to this, as it covers everything that aligns with current technologies.

2. SAP Leonardo is an Industry Leader

SAP hybrid commerce is a crowded marketplace with merchants like IBM, Microsoft, and famous universities like Stanford, offering its own breakthroughs. However, the catch is that their products mostly work in the storehouse, and this is where SAP comes in.

The problem for SAP is that companies don’t commonly recognize SAP as a Blockchain or IoT vendor, because when you consider SAP you mainly consider ERPs. SAP’s brand image, however, lies in integrations across the SAP portfolio. So if you currently have SAP ERP, S/4HANA or other SAP frameworks, then you can incorporate SAP Leonardo solutions.

3. SAP Leonardo Is More Than Technology

SAP Leonardo is not just about innovation; it focuses on thinking about designing and characterizing approaches that tackle market challenges. Design thinking is a technique that focuses on innovative ideas and responses for determining use cases. The essence is that consumers don’t just need more innovation, they need a way to discover the estimate which the innovation can improve their business.

4. SAP Leonardo Integrates with Emerging Technologies

One of SAP Leonardo’s key advantages is that it enables you to integrate multiple SAP products with emerging technologies. For example, you can create Fiori apps that use IoT services in the SAP Cloud Platform. Once incorporated into your business processes as an end-user, you will not realize that there is machine learning working behind the scenes. Also, you will not see anything different, but you will be able to avail automated decision-making and recommendations.

5. SAP Leonardo Offers Machine Learning

SAP offers various levels of Machine Learning technology models that you can work on without too much expertise. At present, these standard models will cover about 80 percent of your needs. You can train your own models, but you will need deeper expertise, and you will probably need a data scientist’s services.
SAP S/4HANA applications, such as cash reconciliation and invoicing, already incorporate Machine Learning as part of SAP Leonardo. The number of such Machine Learning scenarios that will become part of S/4HANA is rapidly increasing.

6. SAP Leonardo Embraces Internet of Things

SAP Leonardo combines new technologies and services to help enterprises drive their digital transformation. For example, in the supply chain and logistics, IoT processes through SAP S/4HANA, ECC and Hybris allow you to track in-transit goods and inventory, and assess the lifecycle of mass-market products, optimizing the value of your fleet and IoT-enabled business assets. This provides an efficient foundation for supply chain execution.

IoT processes enabled in SAP solutions allow you to maximize product value, including raw materials, semi-finished or finished products. You can combine real-time sensor data with SAP and non-SAP business data, and provide insight into areas such as product inventory and replenishment, product consumption and usage, and consumer interactions.

The future is exciting, convergence is the path forward and Leonardo and S/4HANA are where SAP’s R&D investment is heavily focused.

We are here, at Accely, to help business people understand how emerging technologies can help them solve their business problems and empower them on their journey through digital transformation.