SAP HANA Embraces Blockchain Technology: What Does This Mean to Business Enterprises


SAP HANA Embraces Blockchain Technology

SAP is striving forward at a good pace to establish a connection with most of the innovative technologies based on digital transformation. Continuing the sequence further, it recently collaborated with Distributed Ledger Solutions to expand its SAP Leonardo Blockchain technology.

The blockchain isn’t an alien technology. Enterprises have been using it to secure and simplify their transaction methodologies. But with the SAP HANA Blockchain Service coming into the picture, the enterprises can expect to get solutions for more complicated problems.

Components of the SAP Blockchain

It needs to be mentioned that SAP offers Blockchain services in two categories-

  • SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Service
  • SAP HANA Blockchain Service

The SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Service is mainly deployed with the SAP Leonardo. On the other hand, the SAP HANA Blockchain Service is based on the SDI that is connected and integrated with the SAP HANA instance. You can get it through the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

Components of the SAP HANA Blockchain Service

The SAP HANA Blockchain Service can be further categorized into two divisions namely-

  • SAP HANA Blockchain Adapter
  • SAP HANA Integration Service


SAP HANA Blockchain Adapter

Smart Data Integration Connectors can be deployed on SAP HANA for establishing a connection with the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Service. It can exchange data between SAP HANA and blockchain platform.

SAP HANA Integration Service

You can deploy the SAP HANA Integration Service with SAP Cloud Platform for the configuration of properties on the Cloud Platform. It also offers APIs that get the data from the blockchain node and then write data back on to it. The SAP Blockchain Adapter also uses the APIs to manage the data exchange between SAP HANA and Blockchain.

SAP HANA is Not a Blockchain Platform


Let’s not get confused. Both SAP HANA and the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain are not blockchain platforms like the different types of cryptocurrencies. SAP has clearly mentioned that its aim to collaborate with the blockchain technology is not to create an SAP-based blockchain ecosystem, but is focused on implementing the existing blockchain platforms. Moreover, the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) supports the Hyperledger Fabric and Multichain. Since it has got a modular approach, it has become relatively easier to add to the other blockchain platforms. The SCP Blockchain can be connected to any of the supported blockchain networks with the help of cloud services.

What Issues Does SAP HANA Blockchain Cater To-

  • First, the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) will simplify the task of blockchain application with low risk.
  • It allows the management of blockchain-related data. It provides a hybrid ecosystem, which stores some of the data on the blockchain and the rest on traditional ERP. Networking activities such as SAP manufacturing, supply chains, and other products with blockchain technology are bringing advancements in the industry’s peers.

This highlights the reasons why enterprises are showing their interest in moving towards the blockchain. In fact, according to an IDC report, blockchain spending is expected to increase to $9.7 billion by 2021. This indicates a bright future for innovative technology. Moreover, according to SAP’s official website, 10% of the global GDP will be stored in blockchain by 2027.

How Does SAP HANA Blockchain Service Help in Simplifying Data Management

First and foremost, it needs to be remembered that the SAP HANA Blockchain Service is a part of the SAP HANA Data Management Suite. It simplifies the management of data with the help of a combined view of all transactional enterprise data. Users can also run analytics on blockchain data to take a quick decision..

You can develop apps for open-distributed ledger architecture with the help of SAP HANA. As such, you don’t have to deal with the underlying difficulties like multiple blockchain-based systems and networks.

SAP’s implementation with the blockchain has paved the way for making decentralized currency much more cost-effective, proactive, and scalable. It allows business enterprises to become smarter and more intelligent.


Role of SAP HANA Blockchain Service in Manufacturing and Supply Chain

The blockchain service in collaboration with SAP HANA is playing an important role in upscaling the manufacturing and supply chain industry. SAP is working with partners and customers to simplify the solution process and offer improved transparency across the value chain. According to the available information, SAP is currently working with more than 65 organizations from diverse verticals after launching the blockchain co-invention program. It is asking customers to participate in blockchain pilots to maximize the benefits of SAP solutions using blockchain technology.

Other Industries Where SAP and Blockchain Service Simplified Business Process

  • The SAP HANA and Blockchain partnership is helping to improve transport management. This simplifies the cross-border trade. Business agreements and deals are signed electronically and documents can be exchanged in real-time.
  • The blockchain technology in association with SAP HANA offers a global, end-to-end tracking facility to trace products. Blockchain also offers authentic and tamper-proof information about the product. This makes it easier for the business entity or the customer to identify the counterfeit components before delivery.
    The collaboration has also helped pharmaceutical supply chain companies adhere to global anti-drug counterfeit regulations and establish coordination between supply chain partners and the SAP Information Collaboration Hub.
  • The blockchain and SAP HANA partnership simplify the auditable and shared source to verify the supplier account information.

The collaboration of SAP HANA and Blockchain technology is proving to be a valuable asset for a wide range of industries. It has simplified business processes along with securing digital transactions. SAP HANA in combination with the blockchain technology enables the business to get innovative with cloud integration and extend digital transformation capabilities with AI, IoT, and Big Data.