Redefine your HR Operations with SAP SuccessFactors


Redefine your HR Operations with SAP SuccessFactors

Every business organization is looking forward to using new technologies and empowering themselves to perform their best across all the departments and business scenarios. HR is the driving force of all activities in the organization, from productivity to operational efficiency and customer services.  So, applying all the possible new technologies and investing their capabilities to HR for better management of the organization’s workforce should be the topmost preference for all the companies.

To achieve such success in employee satisfaction, SAP SuccessFactors can be considered a key innovative technology that can help the organization move one step ahead.

What is Human Experience Management?

We know that business leaders want to provide the best possible experience for

their employees, but this is not as easy as it sounds. Traditional HR activities tend to amplify the gaps by focusing on organizational goals and managing data to achieve these. Traditional HR activities mainly focus on what is happening. On the other hand, HXM considers not only what is happening but also provides the reason for it.

HXM leverages the insights that HCM data provides to establish a more considerable and subtle relationship between the organization and its people. It secures the factors around human motivation, awareness, consciousness, decision-making, and leadership behaviors to maximize performance.

Why is HXM necessary for your Business Success?

Strategic human experience management has become an integral part of organizational success. Organizations achieve human experience management by executing programs that support employee management along with proper performance management,  research management, and employee development. There are some important HXM factors that provide support to the business to grow. These are:

  • Evaluation of Employees with workforce analytics:

HXM helps organizations with employee surveys and provides experienced data that helps organizations gain intelligent insights about their employees’ emotions and allows them to serve better in the future.

  • Maximizes Employee performance and Experience:

For long-term success, HR processes must be efficient and effective.  This empowers employees to focus more on their core business activities. A recent report suggests that companies investing in employees’ experiences are getting three times more revenue per employee than the companies that don’t.

  • Time Management for Strategic Task:

With the use of Human experience management, organizations are empowered to digitize their personnel processes from data management and gain more for the strategic task.

  • Fast Track your talent management solutions:

The accelerated deployment of the HXM Suite helps businesses develop agile implementation and pre-defined approaches for talent management solutions.

  • Improves HR data quality:

This helps organizations combine all required data elements to improve, persuade, and safeguard HR data quality. In addition, an HXM solution for the entire employee lifecycle provides a great employee experience and answers all relevant questions.

Brief Introduction of SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based technology that is made to solve different kinds of problems related to HR and give appropriate solutions to them to help various organizations manage their various HR operations with fewer problems and with ease. SuccessFactors is an SAP product suite used nowadays to present different solutions to problems that occur more often in performing and managing various HR activities.

New Innovation in SAP SuccessFactors

  • With the release of H1 2021, organizations can review their complete HRIS sync mapping on a single screen.
  • It allows organizations to have a maximum of 5 cross entity rules scenarios for an HRIS entity.
  • The innovation in SAP SuccessFactors has made it easier for the organization to export the succession-specific data model from the admin center.
  • It also provides direct access to the list of employees and objects using a check tool for a particular pay component.
  • It has enhanced the use of centralized services that supports compensation, job, and social accounts information.
  • SAP has also revamped the important features for HRs in the SAP work Zone.
  • It also reinvents the features to control absence management, workforce management, task management, budgeting, forecasting, and scheduling in all the departments.
  • Another most exciting innovation in the feature of the SAP SuccessFactors is that it has developed the ability to compile and audit integration.

Impacts of SAP SuccessFactors on HR Operations

As one of the most important innovations in business management features, SAP SuccessFactors has huge impacts that make life easier for the business organization for smooth and seamless running in the future. It has its impact on the various area of the organization. Areas that are influenced by the SAP SuccessFactors are:

  • Recruitment: SAP SuccessFactors provides complete end-to-end recruiting solutions, and it also allows organizations to attract better candidates, which can be very fruitful for the organization’s future.
  •  Workforce Planning: With the use of the features of SAP SuccessFactors, organizations will be able to anchorage in-depth workforce information for the seamless implementation of the strategies and measure their impact.
  • Succession and Development: With the help of this feature, a business organization will be able to plan for better employee changes. And it also allows the organization to develop current and future strategies.
  • Performance and Goals: With the help of this feature, the organization can review its current performance based on the current planning and expand its current facilities to create a meaningful team and achieve individual goals using real-time data.


SAP SuccessFactors provides a thorough HCM suite that helps an organization supervise its entire workforce and manage and improve its operating cycle. SAP SuccessFactors has come up with innumerable and complete solutions to different kinds of problems. It also allows the organization to easily transform the current business strategies into profitable outcomes by simplifying and improving employee engagement.