OnBase Electronic Content Management: The Concept, Features, and Advantages


OnBase Electronic

The term ‘OnBase’ can be alien for some business enterprises but the pace with which the technology is transforming, you have to remain abreast with the latest trends. Hyland Software has created this single enterprise information platform for content management, business processing, and offering case information.  Today it has become a leading electronic content management provider where you get access to various solutions and applications implementing both on-premise and on-cloud methodologies.

According to Grand View Research, the market revenue of Enterprise Content Management will reach $93.76 billion by 2025. Now, you must be wondering why suddenly I’m talking about enterprise content management. This is because OnBase is leading the enterprise content management services with the top-rated case management platform. It also offers the best-configured workflow engine.

Now, let’s analyze a few vital stats and numbers indicated by iDatalabs:

  1. The global market value of Hyland Software OnBase ECM is about 6.8%.
  2. About 3,575 companies are already using the OnBase ECM.
  3. The U.S.A tops in the usage of Hyland Software Onbase with 79% customers

OnBase Electronic

Diverse Industries Catered by OnBase ECM


OnBase Electronic Content Management has played a vital role in the growth of a diverse set of industries. It includes healthcare, government services, financial solutions, insurance, education, and other various sectors. Here, I would be highlighting all the major industries, which receives the OnBase benefits to excel further.

  • Healthcare: The OnBase solution has streamlined the health-related information and record management. It is offering clinical access about patient’s vital parameters, providing real-time billing information, and health insurance.
  • Government: The OnBase Services has helped the government agencies to enforce the law and order within a state.  The agencies can execute the plan for public welfare, finance, and administration.
  • Financial Services: While catering to the finance sector, the OnBase solution has simplified the tasks for banks, wealth managing institutions, credit unions, and lending.
  • Education: The Education industry has got a boost in the form of the OnBase platform. The universities and institutions get access to student data in real time, which simplifies the enrollment process. Besides, it also proves its worth in preparing the content for study material and taking decisions at a higher level.
  • Other Additional Industries: Apart from these key verticals, there are some other areas where implementing the OnBase ECM has been more than useful. It has transformed the manufacturing and retail business, transportation, real estate, and construction, global trade, food and beverage, mining, and oil and gas industries.

According to a survey, the hospital and healthcare industry (about 14%) is leading the way forward in using the OnBase ECM solutions with 566 companies. This is followed by Computer Software (10%) with 406 organizations.

Computer Software

The Deployment of OnBase ECM


When it comes to deploying the OnBase ECM, a business organization has got a couple of options in hand. The organization can choose the solution that fits best to the specific requirement of the project.

  • The Cloud Option
  • On-premise Option

The Cloud or the Hosted Option

The cloud-based or the hosted service for OnBase ECM deployment does not depend on the infrastructure. This allows you to take the benefit of limitless server retention. You can also get the bonus of accessing infrastructure that you didn’t have the access to.  This further allows you to save capital expenditure on the IT resources.

The On-Premise Option

There is one another alternative that you can opt for and i.e. deploying the OnBase ECM using the on-premise option. When you are following this method, you get the advantage of keeping the solution in-house and allow to grow it according to the needs of the business enterprise. In this case, the solution relies on the infrastructure.  You can maintain the solution within the organization. The on-premise option offers you the opportunity to get expertise in offering ECM services. Making changes in your solution becomes much easier since you maintain it in-house.

In fact, there is a third option besides the duo, which is the Hybrid Deployment approach. This is rather said to be a combination of the on-premises and cloud-based solutions. This offers a copy of your solution in the cloud and a scope to test the new features.

The Features of OnBase ECM


The OnBase offers a wide spectrum of ECM features that can secure all your vital information on a single page. Let’s have a look at these in quick succession.

Electronic Document Management

Electronic Document Management enables you to get across the most important data and documents in real-time when you need it in urgent hours.

Document Capture

The OnBase Document Capture is a software that allows the business enterprise to centralize or capture all the data and essential information. Whether you need to scan the paper files or store content directly from the emails, it would simplify the capturing of documents.

Electronic Signature

You get access to electronic signature solutions where you can process the digitally signed documents and send them to the concerned department.

The Automation of Process

If you want to operate your business on the fast track mode, then this is the right software which can help in automating the repetitive tasks and generating the information without investing too much time.

Distribution of the Document

Because OnBase ECM is efficient enough to capture the document, it further assists the business in distributing the document across the right channels.

Record Management

This software is helpful in managing the retention plans of the organization and offers various destruction options.

Easy Updates

The OnBase platform provides you the access to update all the solution components together, allowing to avoid the time-consuming custom-coded solutions. You can even run more than one OnBase version simultaneously.

OnBase ECM Advantages


It’s important to get familiar with a few advantages of the OnBase Electronic Content Management software and look at how does it benefit any business organization.

  • Enhances the Degree of Services

The OnBase ECM has been instrumental in improving the overall efficiency of the services. It helps the customers to file and complete online forms and requests. The users can also view the current status of their application, transactions, and orders in real-time and search for the documents or information without any delay.

  • Lowers the Operational Costs

The OnBase ECM has been more than a useful digital asset in reducing the operational costs of the project. You don’t have to bear additional costs for printing the documents, storing or shipping it to another place. This can be captured digitally. It accelerates business processing and decision making with the help of handy tools, activities, and casework. You can access the content from anywhere using any device. This speeds up productivity.  

  • Offers More Security

The OnBase ECM is a highly-secured solution that extends the same to the electronically captured documents. You have the facility of tracking the activities and getting more access control over the security policies. The process of reporting and auditing further boosts up and you get to know which important inputs are missing out in the information provided.  

OnBase ECM- Streamlining Content Management Solutions


The OnBase Electronic Content Management is offering a potent digital platform to the global business organizations to manage and process content electronically at a single place employing the on-premise or the cloud-based option. It is slowly and steadily getting the spotlight as more business enterprises are showing their interest in deploying it. OnBase ECM has changed the fortunes of several business organizations and next, it could be your turn.