Omnichannel Marketing With SAP Marketing


Omnichannel Marketing With SAP Marketing

Today’s customer’s shop over multiple channels and devices. They might find something useful and appealing and then proceed to the store to purchase it. The important facet of omnichannel marketing is that each channel is interconnected to deliver a related purchase journey and seamless experience.

What is omnichannel marketing?

With the upswing of the latest terms in the digital marketing industry, people tend to confuse omnichannel marketing with multichannel marketing. Here are a few points that will help to better understand what omni-channel actually means.

  • Omnichannel marketing builds a seamless message that manages the customer based on their behavior through the sales record.
  • Omnichannel marketing is utilizing traditional or digital marketing lanes to deliver a relatable message to the consumer regardless of the engagement of the customer in the brand or the website.
  • A customer receiving a cart abandonment notification on Facebook and following up with a retargeting advertisement for the product


What is omnichannel marketing?


How this works

  • A consumer receiving an email or text message about an advertisement while shopping in-store
  • A user getting a mail regarding a promotion with physical couCross channel customer servicepons in their mailbox
  • A customer receiving a cart abandonment notification on Facebook and following up with a retargeting advertisement for the product


Benefits of Omnichannel marketing

Benefits of Omnichannel marketing

There are various benefits of omnichannel marketing. This solution not only generates revenue but also attracts new customers. Here are a few benefits of choosing Emarsys omnichannel marketing.

  • Omnichannel marketing solution helps to provide better marketing experience, service engagements, and sales.
  • It helps in illustrating segmented audiences and provide customized experiences. All of this is conveyed through preferred channels with the help of ML directed abilities.
  • SAP marketing uses integrated customer journey understandings and precocious analytics to deduce the upcoming strategies for generating revenue and sales.
  • It helps in reducing silos, formulate a united profile for customers across the foundation, and initiate great value in consumers’ data
  • The solution helps in gaining a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and insight.
  • It provides identification to hidden trends and explores micro-segments with few clicks.


Constant branding is vital because it enables building a relationship between users and retailers. It tries to establish a tone of understanding that helps to create loyal users. If a consumer is approaching a business via multiple ordeals but the sole difference between them is rattling, it creates a state of confusion and distrust that will lead to losing some loyal consumer.

  • Uniform user experience

A simple UI on the website and mobile app are vital for consumers to introduce themselves and solidify the retailer’s credibility. Keep the content complementary over all the channels. Make sure to keep the headline alignment, button position consistent all over the website. It will prove to be of great use to the customers who can correctly position their necessities.

SAP omnichannel marketing deserves a shoutout because it makes business marketing inexpensive and easy.

Constant branding is vital because it enables building a relationship between users

  • Context Optimization

Consistency doesn’t mean that the website would not need user experience as per the device. Always try to think about users’ priority based on the device they are using.  Some businesses, through their website, emphasize their users to join their rewards program, while the app prioritizes orders and adding money to their card.

  • Centralized user data

CRM is going to work the best when it comes to omnichannel marketing. SAP omnichannel marketing helps in seizing consumers’ data and recording the user’s experience and interaction with the businesses. It also enables fine-tuning of messages on the website.

This ensures the business that its message is hitting the users on the right point.

  • Cross channel customer service

Cross channel customer service helps consumers get the registration, make a purchase, or communicate with the brand over channels, users do expect to reach the customer’s care executive through any of the brand channels.

It also helps to refer a consumer to other channels without encouraging the consumer’s dilemma.

How this works

  • Maintains a consumer profile and lets the brand have the information so that the problem is unraveled in a short span of time.
  • Records the interaction and captures the behavior.
  • Ensures the data of the user is accessible to the brand’s team.

Often, it’s not only the job of a consumer success manager to interact and solve users’ problems. So, this solution enables the data to reach the employees for further use.

  • Customized seamless experience

SAP omnichannel marketing has been perfecting this for years. It makes the homepage content tailored to the purchase and searches history. It even ensures placing the cart items in the purchase list and sending notifications about the product’s stock status.

Dash buttons are one of the latest omnichannel innovations. Dash buttons help in the purchase, confirmation interaction, and tracking the delivery via emails.

The ease of reordering a product speaks as the most vital feature of omnichannel marketing.

  • Channel Strategy

Channel strategy solutions help in carrying the user’s cart to various devices and channels to enhance the user’s experience. It aligns users’ expectations through tracking users’ data and streamlining the check out process. It provides a singular experience to the user no matter what their cart includes.

  • Localization

Businesses operate globally but the consumer’s thinking is restricted locally. A marketing campaign cannot generate conversion if the business does not emphasize or include local taste or culture. SAP omnichannel marketing helps the brand reach consumers through local means.

  • Language

75% of customers prefer shopping in their native language. An application that added native language witnessed a hike of 128% in downloads.

SAP marketing cloud enables businesses to go local and make all the major touchpoints available in the aboriginal language. This solution enables the localization of email marketing, assistance, and digital creativity.

  • Content

86% of the local content witnesses high conversion rates and click through. SAP omnichannel marketing boosts metrics in a specified area, research, and customize the content according to consumers taste.

Why choose SAP marketing cloud for Omnichannel marketing

SAP was felicitated as the leader in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hub. It is known to be the ideal choice of CRM by triggering customer data, elevating intelligence and speed, and optimizing marketing strategy to generate

SAP marketing cloud for Omnichannel marketing

The right MMH helps in delivering a customized experience that outperforms customers’ objectives. This is one stop to analyze multiple business problems.

Understand and analyze the customer’s needs

It generally intersects the customers’ path multiple times, before buying any product, through means, like product recommendations, online advertisements, etc. Social media plays a vital role in this as customer searches help the businesses to target consumers.

The SAP marketing cloud merges all this data into a primary user profile and boosts artificial intelligence and integration with other SAP C/ 4 HANA applications. SAP service cloud, SAP commerce cloud, and SAP sales cloud help in delivering market projections about future trends and attitudes of the potential buyers towards the product.

Construct customized marketing campaigns

SAP marketing cloud is a reliable source to project consumer behavior based on the user profile. It keeps a thorough eye on the prospects’ information, such as from where the visitors came, how much time they spent on the blog, or website, etc. With this type of data, the marketing cloud chooses the targeted groups on the basis of age, religion, locality, and also by their past purchases.

This enables them to send automated emails and text to the users about their abandoned cart to remind and to encourage prospects for initiating a purchase.

Real-time acknowledgment to new customer demand

SAP omnichannel marketing also enables you to infer and examine the regularity of social media intercourse. The marketing team of SAP concedes in the popularity of a certain platform in no time.

Real-time acknowledgment to new customer demand
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Even if there is a decline in the number of visits to the website through search engines, the executives are informed in real-time to counter this negative trend with relevant tools.

Few statistics that showcase the benefits of being an omnichannel brand

  • According to a survey by aspect software businesses, omnichannel policies attain 91% higher year over year retention rates.
  • Google research has shown that 98% of people shift between devices on the same day.
  • More than 35% of consumers expect to contact the same customer executive on any channel.
  • In research by Zendesk, 64% of consumers expect to get real-time support regardless of the channel they use.
  • 56% of the people have utilized their smartphones to explore products sitting at home.
  • 38% have used their device to search inventory availability before visiting a store
  • 34% of people have collected information on products while exploring a physical store.
  • Brands that have strong omnichannel customer engagement retain 89% of their customers. On the other hand, companies that have weak omnichannel engagement can only retain 33% of their customers.
  • Omnichannel prospects have a 30% elevated lifetime value than people who use a single channel shopping.
  • Brands that have strong omnichannel marketing witnesses’ 9.5% hike in annual revenue, whereas weak omnichannel brands see a mere 3.4 % hike in the annual revenue.


SAP Marketing Cloud is a leading software vendor that solves all issues regarding businesses and helps in elevating salves and generating revenue.

Omnichannel marketing is the latest trend in the digital marketing industry as it enables brands to reach targeted audiences via digital platforms and search engines.