More Power to Marketers with Emarsys Spring Release 2022


More Power to Marketers with Emarsys Spring Release 2022

If you’re into marketing, we bet you’re aware of the 4Ps of marketing! It is something that every marketing expert learns in the initial phases of their education. However, as you pass out from your university and step into the practical world of marketing, there are chances you come across another essential P of marketing. This P stands for pressure.

The modern-day business environment is highly competitive, requiring businesses to adhere to the principle that more customers equal more revenue. As a result, this increases the pressure as marketers do all in their capacity to increase their customer base. However, marketers are no stranger to pressure, and in most cases, they perform relatively well under pressure.

Yet sooner or later, this can take a heavy toll on marketers, further deterring their performance. Thus, SAP Emarsys Spring Release 2022 is here to empower you with features and functionalities that will help you boost brand loyalty and deliver an enhanced customer experience. So, what does this release have to offer? Let’s find out.

Enhanced Goal Reporting

Research suggests that retail marketers face enormous challenges with reporting and measurement as it drains extensive resources. Additionally, numbers suggest about 63% of marketers have to spend a lot of time determining the results of their efforts. However, one needs to keep in mind that this time can be invested in other value-driven tasks that will augment the organization’s marketing efforts. Keeping that in mind, Emarsys brings forward different features and functionalities to address this issue.

The goal reporting features from this release will enable marketers to determine the impact and overall results of their marketing efforts at a much faster pace. In addition, the reporting results generated by this feature will be much more accurate, giving marketers a precise idea of what needs to be done to enhance their performance further.

This means marketers get better visibility which is further helpful in shaping the marketing efforts in ways that ensure optimum results. As a result, marketers will be able to determine the most effective measures that can help them realize their business goals with minimal effort and at a much faster pace.

Limitless Automation Journey Editing

The business world is very different from what it used to be a decade ago. These days, automation plays a key role in enhancing the marketing performance of any given business. Even the little things such as automated messaging can yield significant results by allowing a business to build a better relationship with customers and leverage every opportunity that comes their way.

In addition, automation helps marketers save a ton of time, which is better utilized to enhance other creative aspects of the marketing campaign. Emarsys Spring Release 2022 brings limitless automation journey editing that helps marketers build and edit existing journeys. In addition, these features also help customers create new journeys with ease.

Marketers can even leverage the competencies of such features to carry out an effective restructuring of programs in a way that best serves their needs. For example, one can seamlessly delete nodes inactive, paused, testing, finished, and even paused statuses. Also, marketers can now delete different nodes simultaneously or even delete an entire branch with no hassle whatsoever.

Enhanced Customer Experiences To Boost Loyalty

Customer loyalty is very imperative area marketers need to focus on. Everybody knows one needs far fewer resources to retain an existing customer than acquire a new one. Thus, it only makes sense that businesses deliver unmatched customer experience and further embolden customers’ loyalty to the business.

Numbers suggest that businesses focusing on delivering better customer experience enjoy 60% more profit than those who do not. However, the responsibility to enhance customer experience falls on the shoulder of the marketer. This is an important responsibility as it can directly impact customer loyalty.

This is where nuanced features and functionalities explicitly designed to enhance customer experience comes into play. The Emarsys Spring Release 2022 comes with many such features and functionalities that will help marketers deliver enhanced customer experiences with minimal effort. In addition, these features will help marketers strengthen their customer loyalty and drive amplified business results.

Improved Exclusive Access

Every marketer needs increased discernment and control over granting exclusive access. Thus, Emarsys Spring Release 2022 brings the Permanent Exclusivity feature that helps one specify different URLs as exclusive. This helps keep the URL blocked from members without exclusive access.

This can be specified only for exclusive members and only for a short span of time. For instance, marketers can give paying members special access to a URL featuring some new and exciting deals offered by the business. This can be very helpful in building a loyal customer base and growing it with time.

Improved Management Of Loyalty Voucher

The Emarsys Spring Release 2022 has brought many improvements in the loyalty sphere. These enhancements help marketers optimize and enhance flexibility to facilitate support for different novel use cases.

One can maintain a loyalty wallet and attach different vouchers directly through the addition of new pools as well as the separation of different pools. Furthermore, marketers can offer the said vouchers as points, rewards, or for free based on different specific criteria.

Loyalty Plans Based On Spending

This is another enhancement realized by the Emarsys Spring Release 2022 that enables marketers to provide an alternative to customers looking to avoid point-based programs. In addition, the loyalty functionality offered by Emarsys provides marketers with plans based on spending. This further comes with single and multi-tier benefits and provides members with alternate promotions, actions, and even vouchers for cashback.

Final Thoughts

Emarsys Spring Release 2022 is ideally devised and well-equipped with different features and functionalities to help marketers manage the fifth P of marketing, “pressure.” Leveraging the potential of these enhancements will help the organization amplify its growth to a great extent while saving on valuable resources. This automatically translates to enhanced revenue generation for the business, further auditing the growth of the marketer. In case you still have more queries, reach the experts from prominent SAP consulting services to clear all doubts.