Mobile Application Development and Deployment with SAP Mobility Services


Mobile Application Development and Deployment with SAP Mobility Services - Blog

There are 2.8 million mobile apps available on the Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps on the Apple Store. This has already created hype. The mobile apps appear on a roll targeting both enterprises and Millenials. They have influenced almost every industry domain. However, your target is not only to publish the app but to maintain and upgrade it on a regular basis.

You have to ensure that your application is supporting the mobile platform and its tools. Each operating system has its requisitions based on app publishing and security. This piles up additional responsibility on the developer’s shoulders. On one hand, the challenge is to develop a highly interactive app and on the other, comply with the security challenges.

SAP Mobility Occupies the Center Stage

SAP Mobility or SAP Mobile Platform is a unique solution that allows developers to deploy mobile apps as part of SAP’s on-demand strategy. The apps can range from anything including B2B, B2C, and customized. SAP Mobility Platform model is known as Mobile-as-a-Service or MaaS.

Simplifies the Cross-Platform Development

SAP Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) streamlines and simplifies cross-platform mobile apps. Moreover, it helps in delivering a rapid secure app that can scale business prospects and enhance the customer experience.

SAP Mobility Solutions help developers in building on-demand lightweight apps. It provides interpretability as well as apt security features that allow the app to run on a distributed network environment.

SAP has braced the mobile platform with the right set of tools and infrastructure to build the features with ease. This also simplifies the application administration and troubleshoots the problems through logs and traces.

The Major Features of SAP Mobility Platform

It is imperative for you to get familiar with the key features of the SAP Mobile App Platform. These include-

  • Provides a central administration dashboard to configure and manage mobile apps.
  • Support for both HTML5 and native apps with the help of REST API service, Appcelerator, and Sencha.
  • Quickly deploying SAP and custom productive applications.
  • It offers a reliable and secure business environment, which can easily run on both on-premise and cloud.
  • You don’t have to install on-premise mobile platform servers.
  • The multi-tenancy support manages the deployment, testing, and development process.

What is So Unique About SAP Mobile Platform

SAP Mobile Platform is known for its agility. It also offers an open Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) allowing developers to use Software Development Kit and tools they need. They can swiftly build and deploy the app on the concerned device or platform.

The Benefits of SAP Mobile Platform

  • SAP mobile services have the ability to pitch your apps to the right audience, partners, and businesses.
  • Deliver an attractive and intuitive app that looks best on a cloud as well as on-premise landscape.
  • Customization of pre-built SAP application with 100% deployment.
  • Make use of the robust libraries for the app’s development and designing process.

How Does SAP Mobile Platform Work

Mobile Application Development

When a developer creates an app using SAP, he makes use of a common SDK to accelerate the development and deployment process. The APIs render support for online solutions.

Offline OData Service

OData plays an important role in simplifying the task of developing offline apps. It is basically an industry-standard open protocol.

Open Development Platform

Here you are free to choose your preferred SDKs and frameworks to develop both native and hybrid apps. Also, you can build apps for mobile, desktop, and even wearables.

Cross-platform Apps

SAP Mobile Platform allows you to develop mobile apps for both the leading operating systems; Android and iOS. You can create on-premise and cloud services.

Integrating and Linking Mobile Apps

SAP mobile platform’s ability also lies in the fact that it can integrate and link existing systems delivering innovative apps. The HTML5 admin console manages the IT functions.

What Are the Deployment Options

If we talk about the deployment options related to SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, you have two alternatives-

SAP Mobile Platform Server or On-premise Option

In the first option, you need to use the SAP Platform Server 3.0 or on-premise services. The latest pack available for this service is SP 11. When you are using the on-premise option, it’s important to manage the landscape so that you can apply the latest service placks.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services

The second option is where you run your application on the top of the SAP HANA cloud platform. Here, SAP takes care of regular updates. This means that it will reduce the burden of your IT team. You can also provide customers with the latest updates. It also reduces the Total Cost of Ownership or TCO.

The Bottom Line

SAP Mobility offers a wide spectrum of advantages. First and foremost, it streamlines and simplifies the entire life cycle of app building. It offers analytics and reporting. The user management gets simplified. Get in touch with our sap consultant to build a mobile app using the SAP platform.