Making the Intelligent Enterprise a reality with SAP BTP


Making the Intelligent Enterprise a reality with SAP BTP

In this era of digital transformation, where organizations rely more on new trends and technologies, the intelligent enterprise has been a trend that can’t be left unturned. Therefore, it has become crucial for organizations to adapt and respond to changes irrespective of their working area. And to simplify all your responses towards the latest technologies, SAP has always been a go-to partner. SAP’s Business Technology Platform is a powerful tool of SAP that has helped global businesses grow faster than ever. It has also made enterprises more agile in all facets of business operations.

In this article, the main discussion area is about how crucial SAP BTP is for organizations. So first, let’s talk about SAP BTP:

How SAP BTP is transforming businesses around the world?

SAP Business Technology Platform is a set of tools that collaborates multiple intelligent enterprise applications with database, integration, analytics, data management, and extension capabilities into one single platform for both hybrid and cloud environments.

It is a technology that empowers your business with the flexibility to move your operations from on-premise to the cloud. In addition, it helps in accelerating your business outcome by simplifying operations and integrating your IT landscape for an advanced turnaround of operations.

It is available through a multi-clouds channel. Enterprises can run SAP BTP in any hyper-scale cloud environment for greater flexibility and customer choice. The solution ensures fast implementation and rapid value creation, shortening the payback period.

Let’s talk about some crucial working area of SAP BTP that makes it a go-to partner:

Improve the customer experience through intelligent planning and analysis

From the last few years, the retail industry has been going through lots of challenges stretching from complex customer experience to opening new channels. Working in this rapidly changing market is not about sticking to the conventional way of working; you should always look for new trends and technology. This is why retailers rapidly evolve with new trends and technology to provide customers with an enhanced customer experience. Smart planning and analysis are the key technologies to implement a customer-oriented strategy successfully.

Most retailers don’t have enough insights about customer behavior and don’t even have the habit of supporting decision-making. To get insights from a broader range of customer data, customer experience teams need to get data from other business components such as sales, supply chains, human resources, and so on.

This is where SAP Business Technology Platform comes and integrates core department functions and empowers retailers to correlate customer data with other key enterprise indicators. It helps retail businesses to understand how they must operate, turning insight into actions.

It also helps in analyzing sales performance, forecast demands, and identify new customer trends.

Evaluate the impact of global events on your supply chain

In times of unstable economic conditions, it is difficult to gauge the impact of global events on supply chain activity. Therefore, organizations need to synchronize data collected by their SAP ERP systems with global event data. To examine all this data, intelligent analysis is required.

By implementing intelligent solutions based on SAP BTP, organizations get real-time information about supply chain activities and realize how they might be affected by events in the countries where they buy goods. In addition, the solution allows them to link information about the ERP system to the global situation in the region and identify the factors that will affect the supply chain. For example, the COVID19 pandemic has affected many industries, including logistics. With the SAP BTP platform, you can focus and monitor disruptions related to your supply chain during a lockdown to reduce risks associated with delivery delays, downtime, etc.

Builds a smart company with planning, business intelligence, and predictive analytics

The organizations that are working on automotive manufacturing need to plan resources and make decisions across different departments. Areas that involve planning and decision-making include are:

  • Customer experience
  • Digital supply chain
  • ERP
  • Finance
  • Spend management
  • Human resources

All of the areas mentioned above collect huge volumes of data. So, in organizations where smart planning is not integrated, employees have to spend too much time collecting, preparing, and analyzing data. Therefore, such companies need automation to plan resources and make data-driven decisions faster.

SAP Analytics Cloud is one of the components associated with the SAP Business Technology Platform. The solution integrates data from other SAP solutions and third-party sources, which eventually provides information on core business functions. By implementing an SAP Analytics Cloud solution with SAP S/4HANA, companies can apply advanced analytics in real-time to resource planning. This type of SAP integration enables enterprises to support intelligent processes and make analytics-based decisions faster, thereby adapting to rapid changes in the industry.

SAP BTP being an intelligent ERP system, empowers the automotive industry to:

  • Automate processes and insights related to key functions and also accelerate the decision-making process.
  • To respond quickly towards dynamics of the business environment with a broad view of all business data across the enterprise.
  • To make accurate and end-to-end decisions with enterprise analytics integrated with SAP S/4HANA.


So, from all the points mentioned above, it is clear that in this era of new and innovative technology, it becomes crucial for the organization to keep responding to it.

SAP BTP is a solution that helps organizations in every step to their success, whether it is evaluating the impact of global events on your supply chain, creating an intelligent enterprise with planning, business intelligence, and predictive analytics, or improving customer experience with intelligent planning and analysis. SAP is here to help your organization to move effectively.