Key Highlights for Asset Management in SAP S/4HANA 2021


Key Highlights for Asset Management in SAP S/4HANA 2021

Asset management has always been a headache for businesses, irrespective of their industry or scale of operations. Nonetheless, technological advancements have made things much easier for everyone. The Asset Management module of the SAP S/4HANA solution is one such example of technology helping businesses simplify asset management.

Recently, the Asset Management module has undergone some significant enhancements in Resource Scheduling and Maintenance Management. Most of these enhancements have the potential to transform asset management and eliminate all hassle from the overall process.

This article will look deep into these enhancements’ nuances and better understand how they will benefit your business. So, continue reading to learn more and make the most of these advancements.

Resource Scheduling

The Resource Scheduling aspect of the Asset Management module from SAP S/4HANA has never been better. Many noteworthy enhancements can help you in many ways. So, let’s check these enhancements individually and get a better understanding.

Moving Order Operations with Drag and Drop

Manual scheduling of order operations was an enhancement long overdue. Fortunately, you can finally do this through the Manage Schedules application and seamlessly manage your order operations with a graphical view. All you need to do is drop the operation, and the app will manage the rest. This means that you need not bother yourself with the need to move the operation to the nearest hour available.

You can even use the application for the maintenance of the scheduling board to view the use of the work center in charts and even move older operations to suit your preferences. The most amazing and note-worthy aspect here is that both the Maintenance scheduling board app and the managed schedules app will also show you the non-working hours of any given work center.

Cross-App Transformations

There are many enhancements in the cross-transformation front, such as setting up a dynamic time period. All you need to do is leverage the benefit of the time period filter to set a dynamic date range with respect to the present date. This option allows users to specify the number of days in the past and future to be included in the display time period.

Besides that, you can even make changes in the labels for different filters and fields available in different applications. These applications include the Maintenance Activity Type and the Maintenance Event App.

Another noteworthy development is the altered app refresh functionality for navigating back to the app. This means the app will not refresh even when you return back to it from another app or platform. Nonetheless, you can still refresh the information with a simple press of the F5 button. This will update all the new and relevant information with no hassle whatsoever.

Schedule Periods Are Much Flexible

Maintaining flexible schedule periods is to ensure effective asset management. Thus, the new app called Manage Work Center Utilization is here to help you enjoy unmatched flexibility when managing different schedule periods. Users can now choose date ranges and specify schedule periods right when creating schedules. The schedule period can now exceed even a week or remain limited to a single day to suit your requirements.

Besides that, you also get an enhancement in the Manage Schedules sections. The flexibility of the schedule period becomes very evident when you check out the user interface of different apps for resource scheduling. You can even page through periods through the graphical display of the forecast data.

Maintenance Management

The maintenance management section has also undergone many enhancements that help users ensure the appropriate maintenance of their assets. So, let’s check out some of these enhancements and better understand.

Access to the Latest SAP FIORI Applications

Several SAP FIORI apps users get with the recent releases of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Some of the most important and notable of these applications include:

  • Manage maintenance orders and notifications
  • Display serial numbers
  • Maintenance of order costs
  • Screen maintenance reports
  • Create maintenance request
  • Manage maintenance planning buckets
  • Overview of the maintenance backlog
  • Manage maintenance and workflow orders

Screening of Maintenance Requests

This new application will allow the maintenance managers to open and view all maintenance requests. You can even send requests back to the initiator if you find the information inaccurate. You can even review the request again whenever the initiator requests resubmissions or simply provides different information.

Another amazing aspect of this enhancement is the function called Access Priority, which defines the significance of maintenance requests. As a result, you can seamlessly derive important dates such as the necessary end date, required start date, and even the ultimate due date.

Framework for Geographical Enablement

The latest enhancements give you access to the Geometry Explorer app and the Geometry Editor app. These apps are ideally designed to help you better manage business-related objects. While the editor app will help you make edits to geometries of any existing SAP business objects as well as different display layers for support. Furthermore, you can also use the app to change, delete and add geometries.

On the other hand, the Geometry Explorer application is designed to display layers and maps. As a result, it becomes much easier for you to carry out the necessary actions of certain business layer objects without any added complication.

Linear Asset Management

The SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution linear asset management segment has also benefited from several enhancements. Some of these enhancements include the ability to merge or split notifications when any technical object is merged or split.

Besides that, users can even create change documents whenever there is any modification in the linear characteristics of any technical object. Finally, users can even display the absolute distance between the end and start point with markers available in the Linear Reference Pattern.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several enhancements in the asset management front of the SAP S/4HANA solution. Thus, it is a great time to reap the benefits of this solution and augment your asset management with minimal hassle whatsoever. So, get in touch with our seasoned experts of SAP consulting services and lead your business to your ultimate goal.