Key Guidance for SAP ECC Customers in 2021


Key Guidance for SAP ECC Customers in 2021
Ever since the introduction of the SAP S/4HANA in 2015, SAP customers are aware of the SAP HANA migration process. Considering that the SAP platform’s current users will need to decide between staying with ECC or migrating to S/4HANA or consider other alternatives, we’re sure that the 2025/27 deadline by SAP has got you worried.

If you’re a current user of the ECC platform in 2021, the chances are that you are unsure whether you have the time required for migration or not. We suggest you stop worrying about it. Here are the crucial guidelines to consider:

  • You can consider sticking to the ECC platform for the time being
  • Make plans for migration on SAP HANA S4
  • Consider other SAP alternatives

We are all aware of how 2020 has transformed the world. The year of the pandemic taught IT technology professionals about the possibilities of Cloud-mobility in the near future. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look into the three possible instances for customers using SAP ECC:

Instance 1

Staying with the ECC Platform

Despite its conversion programs, messaging, and migration tools, SAP has a significant portion of its database, installed firmly on ECC. From one perspective, it is completely natural for customers to delay their migration decisions. A majority of the existing SAP users have had significant portions of their investments in the existing ERP software version.

Furthermore, at the time of its arrival, SAP ECC was introduced as a single digital system that provides real-time reports on procurement, sales, manufacturing, distribution, quality, service, and accounting. Considering the functionalities of the existing platform, SAP ECC is a reliable option for the current timeline.

However, let’s suppose your company deals with multiple fields of operations. In that case, ECC is not the ideal option to utilize operations when it comes to seeking the advantage of Cloud Hyperscalers and applications like SAP Cloud software in 2021.

Instance 2

Make your SAP HANA S4 Migration Plans

It has been more than a year since the world got affected by the pandemic. Today companies at every level are focusing their resources on the core functions of business operations. For the users who are using ECC in the current scenario, custom code plays a significant role in such SAP landscapes. However, you can expect the code value to erode over time due to changes in systems and standards change.

Given the flexibility of their operations, many organizations use third-party applications that are developed for shipping today. Staying with the ECC platform limits your ability to use the latest functionality and capabilities.

If you intend to make a move to SAP S/4 HANA, it’s time to consider your chances of migration with the suggested migration processes:

  • Bluefield Migration
  • Greenfield Migration
  • Brownfield Migration

Further, migration to S/4HANA gives you access to new tools and well-defined embedded analytics, thus making operations easier. Its updated database also accommodates Fiori and other similar interface options.

Instance 3

Consider Your SAP Alternatives

The third option that you might be considering in 2021 is swapping to a new platform altogether.

Every SAP ECC customer that decides to switch to a completely new alternative needs to address cost and change management before their shift to another platform. When you decide to continue using SAP, you have a lower initial cost of conversion. Sticking to the SAP HANA platform helps you save on the costs of maintenance.

However, when you decide to switch to the likes of Microsoft SQL instead of HANA, the cost of maintaining such a database is cheaper.

Therefore, before you move to any other alternative, ensure that you consider the overall impact it puts on your organization.

There are a few questions that we think you should ask yourselves before you consider the other alternatives:

  • The cost of retaining existing bandwidth over the newly integrated software platform.
  • The number of business processes that you will have to remodel to comply with the new software standards.
  • How many of your customers, suppliers, and business partners are ready to switch to the new platform?


There is plenty of evidence to suggest that some organizations have already begun their fast-tracked digital transformation in 2021. While there is no harm in using the SAP ECC until the given deadline, remember that transformation for a better digital future is better than losing your potential business using outdated means.