Intelligent Innovation with SAP HANA Cloud



There’s no denying that data is the new currency. Heaps of data hold valuable insights to drive business intelligence and innovation. Seeing this, being data-driven is an obvious choice that organizations make.

Unfortunately, most businesses fail to find or utilize data despite using data-driven business models and systems. While data analytics is key to success in this digitized era, to benefit from it data must be well managed and easily accessible. Usually, data is stored on multiple channels making it difficult to integrate and use.

SAP HANA Cloud is an in-memory database that enables the centralization of data from multiple sources; on-premise and cloud. This simplified model also offers access to data in real-time, enhancing your decision-making abilities.

S/4 HANA Cloud is the latest ERP system that runs on SAP HANA Cloud. With technologies like this you can gain valuable insights, bring in innovation, and improve your competitive edge. How? Let’s take a look.



Intelligent Innovation with SAP HANA Cloud

SAP HANA Cloud Empowering Innovative Abilities


Merge Data from Various Sources

Typically, data comes from a variety of channels like social media, websites, etc. Considering the quantity of data available and the number of channels, it becomes difficult to collate it. Ease of access to useful data helps consolidate it in a timely manner.

SAP HANA Cloud connects organizations to data from different sources in real-time. Whether you are connected to social media or need data from a cloud application, it acts as a centralized platform for quick access to all data, providing you with timely decision making support.

Innovate with Advanced Analytics

Gathering data renders useless if you cannot analyze it and take advantage of it. S/4 HANA Cloud uses advanced analytics like AI and Machine Learning.

With all data on a single platform, you can manage it in real-time from anywhere. Using SAP Analytics Cloud, you can then harness the system’s advanced analytics capabilities to uncover hidden insights.

Be it the behavioral pattern of your audience or how your social media campaign fared, the valuable results you gain help you channel your strategies in the right direction, leading to success.

Create Intelligent Applications

Apart from data management and analytics, SAP HANA Cloud also enables the development of applications. It offers PaaS technology to create cross-platform apps. The SCP Cloud Foundry environment also provides an industry-standard API for developers.

While supporting a range of apps, it also offers developers the flexibility to choose their preferred programming language. Connecting the apps with SAP HANA Cloud also helps derive valuable data to help you innovate better and maintain a competitive edge in the long run.


Why Switch to SAP HANA Cloud

Why Switch to SAP HANA Cloud?


Cost-Effective and Speedy

Be it the internet or applications, businesses want low cost, high-speed options that help optimize performance. Storing large amounts of data gets expensive. Plus, data being run at the same time can cause the application to slow down.

Fortunately, SAP HANA Cloud offers various high speed, cost-effective storage options like SAP native storage extension. These offer storing capacity for data of any size or format, for seamless performance.

Better Scalability

SAP HANA Cloud or S/4 HANA Cloud are created with a scalable query engine allowing you to leverage data as per your requirements.

No matter the complexity of your data, seamlessly move your data between sources without having to copy it.. Whether you want access to critical data or are looking for some older records, quickly access it through SAP HANA smart data access.

Scalability in an ever-changing environment is now easy with HANA Cloud.

Data Protection

Privacy is a major concern when using shared platform technologies like Cloud. After all, businesses don’t want crucial information falling in the wrong hands.

SAP HANA Cloud anonymizes data to maintain privacy. Data stored anywhere is encrypted. Flexible user management option lets you see who accesses your data, ensuring that it is shared only with the right people. The application also provides a detailed log of action, which minimizes the risk of a breach.


To Conclude


As you can see, adopting SAP HANA Cloud improves business intelligence and positions you as a truly data-driven venture. Migrating to HANA Cloud can be challenging, but not doing so can be detrimental to success. Since now or by 2025 every business will have to make the shift to S/4 HANA Cloud, the sooner it is the better.