How We Deliver an Incredible User Experience Implementing SAP Fiori?


How We Deliver an Incredible User Experience Implementing SAP Fiori

Accely is one of the leading SAP authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) partners. As a prominent SAP solutions provider, we implement new innovative technology and digital automation to deliver high-end business solutions. With the introduction of SAP Fiori, we have a new product that aims at enriching the user experience of the SAP applications. The enhanced user experience helps us in  streamlining the functions of various industries such as manufacturing, retail, finance, healthcare, education, media and entertainment and more.

SAP Fiori

With SAP Fiori getting in touch with SAP S/4 HANA, the application response time has accelerated. Furthermore, we have a viable opportunity to personalize the user experience of wide-ranging businesses based on their role played in the industry.  

Pre-Requirements Before Implementing SAP Fiori

To offer the best benefits of SAP Fiori, we first upgrade the legacy system to S/4 HANA, which brings more agility and innovation to the core aspects of the business process. Apart from migrating to SAP S/4 HANA, we undertake a few other necessary steps before getting started with SAP Fiori to increase user experience. These include –

Understanding the client business and analyzing the current pain points

First and foremost, it is essential to clearly understand the client business and identify the current pain points it is facing. For instance, if we find that the business is lagging due to slower inventory management or transportation of goods, we can solve this issue by SAP S/4 HANA integration.

Follow the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines

Our designers systematically follow the SAP Fiori Guidelines that allow them to design simple, role-based and responsive applications that can attract customer attention. We also assist our clients in customizing SAP Fiori based on the guidelines to increase productivity.

Getting the Right Data Structure

The success of user experience design also essentially depends on what is being displayed on the device screen. However, to get the right display we focus on designing developing the best backend integration solution to get the right data structure and metadata.  It is an important step if you are introducing new concepts such as card annotations based on metadata.

Availing the Right Information

If you want to enhance the user experience of end users, it is important to work out on two major fronts. First, you should know how much data you need to display on the screen.   Second, when is it the right time to get the information from the backend servers to evade any hatchbacks during the designing process?

Paying Attention to the Performance

While designing the User Experience of the application, we pay attention to improving the performance both at the UI and backend level. When working on the UI level, it is imperative to code the right validations and avoid loading any unimportant data on the screen.  On the other hand, when dealing with the backend, the asynchronous calls becomes more important. Besides that, it is vital to follow the performance guidelines whether it is SAP HANA or ABAP (Advanced Business Application Planning).

Essential Design Principles of SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori UI5 mainly comprises of five essential design principles. These help  designers simplify various complex applications into simple task-based UI apps.

  • Simplification – SAP has relatively introduced the 1-1-3 scenario intending to simplify the SAP Fiori according to user demand. It contains one user, one use case, and three screens.
  • Role-Based – SAP has scraped different complicated apps designed and transformed them into user-friendly and interactive apps displaying only relevant information.
  • Seamless Experience – All Fiori applications are based on the same language and it does not matter much which deployment or platform you choose.
  • High-End Response-: The applications become more responsive when SAP Fiori gets combined SAP HANA. It also improves query execution time.
  • Delightful-: SAP Fiori can also work to the best of its abilities with ECC 6.0. This simplifies the job of the users when they are looking to deploy Fiori on the existing SAP system.

We can view these important principles also as key benefits of SAP Fiori to design an intuitive application. But with the launch of an updated version of SAP Fiori 2.0, the user experience gets a more enhanced focus on user-centric design concepts. We can highlight some of the major advantages below.

Escalation in Productivity

With SAP Fiori 2.0 coming into the picture,  business enterprises can surely expect to escalate their productivity. The usual tasks get more streamlined with an intuitive workflow that checks the progress of work being done. For example, the older version SAP GUI took 39 clicks, 8 screen changes, and 5 fields filled. However, SAP Fiori, the process decreased to  11 clicks, 2 screen changes and 2 filled fields for completing the work. The time frame also reduced from 132 seconds to only 47 seconds with a 64% decrease in duration.

Structuring the Organizational Workflow

SAP 2.0 poises for structuring the entire workflow of the organization. This means all tasks are structured around business logic and not SAP logic. Now, how does this help the organization? It streamlines all non-IT based jobs such as HR activities, sales,  marketing, finance and accounting. This helps to deliver faster and more effective results.

Make Your Workforce Flexible

The role-based and seamless experience based on the SAP Fiori principles helps the employees to quickly get a grasp of their jobs and roles. If any worker gets familiar with the basic structure of Fiori, he can easily use his knowledge to work on other Fiori apps. It assists in improving the skills of the worker and also changes his role according to the needs of the organization.

Boosting  Security

SAP Fiori has provided an environment where inserting information into the system has become much easier with robust compliance and data quality. The User Experience has several radio buttons and pull-down menus that help to reduce the errors in data entry.

Increasing  Speed

SAP Fiori offers an accessible channel where it is much easier to share the necessary information on various devices with swiftness and in a secured environment. This is possible because of the UI5 library framework that authenticates the data with the help of asynchronous call backend. This means that one does not have to wait for the page to get completely loaded. The API assists in the two-way binding process. The user won’t have to send a new request every time they want to access the data.

Simple Customization

With SAP Fiori, the user can control both the layout as well as the homepage with seamless navigation. They are free to add, delete, re-organize, or reorder the groups along with advanced animation features and visuals.

Accessing Data on Mobile

Earlier, the employees had problems while accessing the data on their smartphone devices because it was locked behind the firewall. However, Fiori has overturned this challenge as viewing data on a mobile phone is much easier. It uses the same Tiles to reconcile the look of  apps across different platforms.

What Steps Do We Take to Ensure an Incredible User Experience using SAP Fiori

Our SAP experts have comprehensive knowledge of SAP Fiori to deliver an optimum user experience  Let’s have a step by step discussion on how we do it.

Fiori Notifications

If you are a regular smartphone user, you must be familiar with what a notification is. The notifications inform the users about important information and updates so that they can take appropriate actions accordingly. SAP Fiori notifications also work on the same formula. Also, we have noticed that it has become one of the most popular features amidst SAP S/4 HANA customers in the last 18 months or so. Our developers have simplified the task of customers. Now, they won’t receive the email notifications in their inbox, but all emails will rightly be delivered to the Fiori launchpad.

Users will be able to view the notifications either individually or in a grouped manner. They will have the choice to take swift actions depending on the importance of a message such as approval or rejection. Notifications will be shown on the basis of priority. Users are also free to personalize their notifications as mute or promote them.

Fiori Notifications

SAP Fiori Enterprise Search

We also integrate the next important feature which is Fiori Enterprise Search, which has helped to resolve the problems for many business enterprises. It has been particularly helpful in simplifying the task of finding the reference numbers and checking the reports of transaction receipts, which otherwise was a hectic job. The user just needs to type the reference number in the search bar. With just a few initials entered,  the search bar will show the reference that literally matches with the reference number of the user.

In case, you know only a few numerical, or letters of the reference number, you can even throw a wild guess just by typing it to get the correct result.

SAP Fiori Enterprise Search

Fiori Default Values

The users found it difficult and tedious when they had to enter the same value again and again whether it was some company data or any other codes. It proved more hectic specifically for the finance and accounts department. But Fiori Default Values has come to their rescue and our developers proficiently implement this feature that offers a wide range of benefits-

  • Inserting the value that they use more often than not,
  • Add extra values that you use such as search filters in analytics
  • Passing the values to Fiori apps and then to classic apps like ABAP and SAP GUI.

Fiori Default Values

Fiori Personalization

We believe that one of the key points which differentiates SAP Fiori from SAP GUI is the high level of personalization that offers SAP product offers. With personalization features, we offer customers a plethora of facilities. For example, they can adjust their app display according to their needs and increase or decrease the swapping mode of their device according to weather conditions. Personalization allows users to understand the fact that they can better identify the working conditions and act accordingly.

Fiori Default Values 2

Fiori User Assistance

This is the latest vital feature of SAP Fiori that improves the user experience. Our developers are down to creating intuitive user interfaces that can help a great deal in supporting the customer when he requires any help or assistance. This is a great feature, especially for first-time users as it offers a comprehensive tutorial on how to use the SAP Fiori apps. It provides access to the use of the Help icon so that the user can ask for any help regarding the tool or app.  A few additions have been made in recent years, including onboard guidance for new Fiori Launchpad users. You just need to go through these tutorials to enhance your knowledge on the topic.

Fiori User Assistance

And that’s not all. We undertake a few more steps to make sure that our customers enjoy the advantages of SAP Fiori when working with SAP S/4 HANA apps. These steps also help in driving the business towards digital transformation.

We Highlight the Benefits

We make sure that our customers are completely updated about the latest technology that is being introduced by SAP in their products and applications. We also tell them how the apps will prove handy for their business and their employees.

Offering Complete Support

Our experienced team of developers will help you at every step and offer full comprehensive support during and post-development process.

Embark Your Journey with SAP Fiori

Slowly and gradually SAP is migrating all its products into SAP S/4 HANA that will replace the old legacy system. If your business is still following the old school book methods, it’s time to get associated with SAP Fiori and S/4 HANA to come on the board of digital transformation.  SAP Fiori is offering a clean and intuitive UX that will allow for an increase in the number of more customers on your business platform.

Thus, if you are looking for a reliable SAP partner to build interactive apps, then please get in touch with our experts today!