How SAP S/4HANA Cloud is simplifying the ERP System?


SAP S/4HANA Cloud is simplifying the ERP System

Looking at the situation at hand, businesses across the globe are settling for an out of box approach, to find solutions to new-gen problems. Today, organizations are more focused on creating value for their products and services. With everything requiring less manual intervention, organizations are more focused on working efficiently and prioritizing time and value.

To match such efficiency-centric operations, SAP has come with a comprehensive, customer-specific, and intelligent managed solution; “RISE with SAP”. The suite of applications includes Business Process Intelligence (BPI), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Consumption credits for SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), and SAP Business Network Starter Pack, embedded with tools, and services, to transform the SAP ERP system. This modern aged technology retains the core elements of the ERP system but tweaks some features to enhance operations on multiple levels.

This article will receive detailed information about SAP S/4 HANA and the features which simplify the ERP system.

What is RISE with SAP?

RISE with SAP is an extensive suite of applications that comprises the key components for business transformation. RISE simulates the cloud adoption process, as it rationalizes license purchases and all the guesswork around the same. For a consumer, RISE puts your recurring needs to an end. How? It brings you all the required business development integrations under one platform.

The entire process covers six critical pointers of any business, streamlining operations by fetching every element of the RISE offering under a single subscription plan. RISE also goes by one-contract statement and can easily manage issue management, SLA, and operations, all without signing the contracts individually. Major time saver!

In today’s competitive business environment, RISE is the best solution for small-scale companies with limited requirement for IT support, budget, and technical expertise. If you want to go digital, without risking your bank balance and existing systems, this is the application for you. The best part? RISE with SAP is integrated with the S4 HANA cloud, making it safe, fast, and reliable.

When and how to migrate?

RISE provides users with accessibility and control. You can select your date and how you want to migrate the existing systems to the cloud platform. In the RISE with SAP model, users are provided with two core options to deploy SAP S/4HANA as the digital partner. They are:

Option 1: With SAP S/4 HANA as your default cloud offering- Given its extensibility, SAP S/4HANA is the most reliable deployment model for all consumers opting for the Greenfield approach, where localization becomes an option. In this, consumers have access to a native SaaS ERP system with the benefits of a public cloud. This helps them to reimagine processes leveraged by advanced technologies. This solution offers businesses the required innovation with the more straightforward SAP managed solution.

Option 2: A private deployment option via SAP S/4 HANA- This edition focuses on consumers who think of transitioning to the S/4 HANA cloud and carry forward all the modifications with the potential to enhance it later. This offering is a simplified edition with pre-standardized and pre-sized infrastructure inferences, open and uniform services, a three-tier standard system landscape, and service-level authorizations.

How does it simplify the transformation process?

SAP HANA encourages a subscription pattern, allowing businesses to follow and establish usage-based or subscription business models for revenue generation. S/4 HANA Cloud enables users to shift from reporting unscheduled downtime to self-recovery systems that are completely automated. It also helps customers manage cash flow as they clearly know, how much budget they have to keep aside for maintaining the S/4 HANA Cloud platform.

SAP HANA offers real-time insights, forecasting, simulation, and deep-rooted analytics at every phase of transition, making the journey easier. It unlocks new avenues for businesses, to attain value from advanced AI, operating business processes, embedded with dedicated industry solutions, and more.

No matter the deployment model consumers goes by, they always have the option to choose an approach that is faster and ensures lower downtime.

What are solutions included in RISE with SAP?

  • SAP HANA Cloud

This is SAP’s flagship ERP suite, and the cloud edition is for businesses that don’t want to go with the on-premise option. This suite comprises a line of business processes that cover sales, customer relationship management, supply chain, and R&D. As the platform uses SAP HANA for operations, it offers real-time business analytics and reports as well.

  • SAP Business Network Starter pack

This starter pack includes a set of functionalities that help businesses integrate seamlessly with their trading partners that exist in the source-to-pay method like carriers and suppliers. SAP Business Network Starter Pack helps employees to find suppliers, manage stock, track products in the transit hub, and gain credibility by increasing transparency with the consumers throughout the process.

  • Business Process Intelligence

Business Process Intelligence includes seven main components (Analyze, Design and Simulate, Improve, Roll out and govern, Monitor, Model and Manage “Home Base”, and Benchmark) here is what you need to know about this. The analysis element enables data analysts to look into the system thoroughly, checking what is functioning and what is not. Simulate, and design enables end-users to utilize pre-owned data structures of businesses to build simulations, to explore what will work the best. The monitor element keeps tabs on the performance and sees whether everything is working perfectly or not.

  • SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Consumption credits

SAP BTP Platform is a service and has four key pillars (Database and Data Management, Analytics, Intelligent Technologies, and Application Development and Integration) that are part of the SAP cloud platform. These pillars are based on integration with non-SAP and SAP products. You can choose from almost more than two thousand pre-assembled integrations while using up credits from SAP HANA integration.

  • Embedded Tools and Services

SAP S/4HANA Cloud has embedded tools like SAP HANA Cockpit and SAP HANA Database Explorer. This offering also gives access to many services that are related to support, analytics, lifecycle management, and more. Some of the services include innovative business design, supply chain process improvement, the expulsion of legacy code, and business system planning.


To outperform the present, businesses need to shift and adapt with high speed. When we talk about digital transformation, you need to cover every department including the value chain, and look thoroughly at internal and external factors.