How SAP C/4HANA is Revolutionizing the Landscape of CRM Market


How SAP C4HANA is Revolutionizing the Landscape of CRM Market

No matter the business’ size, every organization relies on CRM, some way or the other. Today, CRM platforms play a significant role in undermining the future of business and its operations. However, things seem to have changed for the way CRMs would use to perform.

In the present times, companies have shown excellent reliability on SAP to become one of the leading cloud-based management software that firmly operates operations of the CRM. Interestingly, before the introduction of SAP C/4 HANA into the major markets, businesses would only rely on SAP to help execute their business operations for the back office. That was something of the past as SAP has become a leading provider of services beyond just back-office operations and its execution.

Further, the traditional CRM’s limitations have organizations looking for newer, better, responsive, and faster ways to execute operations with efficiency. Even beyond this, every organization is now focusing on improving their customer experience features without fail.

Now, let’s move on to the next section that explains what exactly in the SAP C/4 HANA.

What is SAP C/4 HANA?

To break it down, the name SAP C/4 HANA is an abbreviate, where the ‘C’ stands for Customer and the numeric ‘4’ presents users with the abbreviation of the 4th generation!

Now, to the technical definition; also known as SAP Hybris, the SAP C/4 HANA is a reliable replacement of different customer experience solutions, combined in a way to deliver the best of results. Formed under different acquisitions around a number of companies, such as CallidusCloud, Gigya, and Hybris, SAP C/4HANA has upgraded its platform to include operations of the front-office as well, making it one of the most reliable solutions to run the office, adding marketing, consumer data protection, sales, commerce, and customer service.

In a nutshell, SAP C/4 HANA is a cluster of different cloud solutions that help companies design and modernize the different aspects of CRM operations.

Here are the different aspects of SAP C/4 HANA that make it a reliable front-office solution:

SAP Customer Data Cloud

A solution developed by Gigya, the SAP consumer data cloud helps you access the foundation of enhanced customer relationships with your existing, new, and potential customers. This solution allows you to develop values and create trust, ultimately adding to your goodwill and sales.

This solution emphasizes on building viable relationships with your online visitors and trying to capture the information of the lead, turning them into potential business and loyal customers later. The solution comprises authentication, identity, and consent, allowing businesses to use a single customer profile across the cloud, eliminating the issues with addressing grievances over multiple levels.

SAP Sales Cloud

The platform binds together SAP Subscription Billing, SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, and CallidusCloud. This way, it allows businesses to focus on development and connect and help the customers navigate through their entire buying journey while purchasing your platform.

This way, the solution tends to cater to the rising demands of queries that customers face while shopping for a product from your website or application. When businesses are able to meet the spontaneous needs of their customers, it helps them build a relationship of trust.

SAP Marketing Cloud

An upgraded version of the SAP Hybris Marketing, the SAP Marketing Cloud overlooks the different aspects of your marketing. This solution allows businesses to access all the data of their customers over a single dashboard and utilize it for different aspects of marketing, ranging from personalization to intelligent Emarsys marketing cloud.

When you are able to access all the data around different marketing campaigns going on inside an organization, you can easily come up with new ways of reaching out to your new customers.

SAP Service Cloud

A solution that is developed using the SAP Customer Engagement Center, SAP Hybris Cloud for Service, SAP Self Service Accelerator, and Coresystems, this business solution allows you to cater to multiple service channels. With different channels of communication at your disposal, you can easily tap into all the required information of a customer over a single tap. Further, this platform also allows you to easily get actionable insights into self-service, the call center, and field service performance.

Now, when you have such transparency in your business model, you can easily entrust customer services’ responsibilities to any bandwidth. When your business executives can gather real-time information on the customers, sales and improved customer experience are just a few steps down the funnel.

SAP Commerce Cloud

A system solution that has adapted its functionality from the SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud, the platform allows the businesses to manage all the content that revolves around different products, personalization, experience management, and order management. The SAP Commerce Cloud also allows businesses to execute the operations of sales over the platform.

Now, when you have such functionality available over your business, managing different products and their categories becomes an easy task in itself. Even though the SAP C/4 HANA is a reliable composite of different products, it comprises all the reliable business solutions that enhance the organization’s overall business capability.

The five elements listed above, allow organizations to make the most around their customer services

Why Do Businesses Need a New Generation CRM?

The demands and needs of the customers have evolved! Today, customers look forward to completing attention and a reliable centered service while executing operations over your platform. The needs and demands have changed in a manner that they want to keep up with the same customer-oriented approach over every step of their journey (including pre-sales, information, and after-sales). Regardless of the medium that your customer is reaching out for you, they want their queries to be addressed at that exact same moment.

Now, when we look back, the traditional CRM solutions were not really designed or developed to easily serve the need for real-time customer services. This is where the newly developed SAP C/4 HANA comes into the picture. The application looks forward to providing users with the best of customer journeys on their way to make purchases.

With SAP C/4 HANA, companies of every shape and size can now:

  • Store their consumer data
  • Take their personalization to a new level
  • Create new strategies with sales professionals
  • Get guaranteed success with operations over any channel on any device
  • Predict issues and solve them, creating a seamless customer experience

Finishing Up

With such functionalities in store, SAP C/4 HANA is certain with its offering! Companies can now master their customer relationships at ease with a channel that can easily operate at multiple levels, without hindering the scope of sales and growth of the company.

Now that you know what SAP C/4 HANA is and how it has helped businesses develop a reliable scope at operations, we hope that you witness the change yourself. Lastly, with SAP C/4 HANA taking over the traditional forms of CRM operations, better & responsive customer relationships are no more a thing of the future.