How Does the SAP Concur Integrate With Accounting and ERP Systems


How Does the SAP Concur Integrate With Accounting and ERP Systems_2

SAP  has created a buzz with its cutting-edge solutions that are ready to take on next-generation technologies and simplify day-to-day activities. For instance, if SAP SuccessFactors has streamlined the HR activities, SAP Concur is a cloud and SaaS-based solution, which has enabled the business to manage their travel expenses effectively. It offers a comprehensive set of tools on both the web as well as smartphone devices to access all your travel information and data in one place.  In addition, you can also view your full expenses so that you can control both costs and time.

In this blog, we will be discussing how SAP Concur integrates with the accounting and ERP systems. But before that, let’s find out the specific reasons why SAP Concur Integration with ERP system is important.

If we have to answer this question in a short and simplified manner, it streamlines the accounting and ERP process. You can boost your productivity and reduce all the repetitive tasks such as data entry, and even reduce the concerned errors.  Here are a few more benefits that you can expect-

  • Improve your expense management system with speed, automation, and simplification.
  • Enhanced visibility into all expenses.
  • Improve your compliance services with policies and regulations.
  • No more manual tasks for data extraction that delayed reporting and even contained several errors.
  • About 95% of the business process can be successfully done without any coding, which in turn reduces time, effort, and costs.

Integration of SAP Concur with Accounting and ERP


SAP Concur Solutions offers a user-friendly dashboard and a complete set of standard reports that simplify cash flow management. However, if you want a comprehensive view of the generated data, it’s important to share your accounting and ERP systems with SAP Concur.

You can integrate SAP Concur with your existing business process using connectors and API (Application Programming Interface). SAP Concur will make sure that the expense data is properly captured within its system.

The SAP Concur integration begins with a  drag and drops web connector that is built on a Codeless platform. You can get ann access to SAP Concur web service and allow mapping of data into SAP Concur Objects.

The integration of SAP Concur enables data synchronization between the Concur platform and the other business system. It will enter journal entries or invoices automatically in your  ERP system if any expense or payment workflow has been completed.

In addition, you can roll out the drag and drop of SAP Concur Connectors in three days to make sure that the integration process is carried out at a quick pace.

Types of Accounting and ERP Systems That You Can Integrate


The Business Automation Process (BPA) can easily integrate with any of the data sources through OLEDB (Object Linking Embedding Database) and ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), third-party APIs, and web services. The different types of integration include-

  • SAP Business One Integration
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration
  • Access Dimension Integration
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration
  • Sage 1000, 200, and 50 Integrations
  • SAP Concur Sage Integration

Key Components of SAP Concur Solutions


SAP Concur comprises of the following main components including-

  • Travel Request
  • Travel, a booking engine
  • Expense management
  • Invoice
  • Analysis and Intelligence

The Common SAP Concur Integration Scenario


Now that we have discussed the different types of SAP Concur integration, it’s time to throw some light on the common scenarios that lead to these integrations. The best part is that once you have completed integrating SAP Concur, you will be able to extract, transcend, and load data between SAP Concur and other cloud-based or on-premise systems. It helps to automate various business processes such as-

  • Share all your financial data and other info automatically between SAP Concur different business processes.
  • Synchronize the listing of the items and expenses according to the specific projects.
  • Create general ledger entries automatically.
  • Automated extraction of the expense data from SAP Concur.
  • Automation of SAP Concur invoice management.
  • Automation of SAP Concur expenses reporting and purchase orders.
  • Automated scheduling of supplier’s payments.

When you implement the BPA platform with SAP Concur solutions, it will decrease the time and cost of project integration. Besides that, you can also integrate multiple systems and automate business notifications. It helps to boost your productivity and increase profitability.

The Major Functions of SAP Concur Connectors


The SAP Concur Connectors provides major functionalities including-

Automation of PO Invoice Transfer from Concur Invoice

The finance department can schedule automated supplier payments. You can increase your employee efficiency and provide an accurate prediction of future expenses. You can make a comparison of all purchase orders with received products and services.

Data Expense Extraction from Concur Expense

You get access to predefined dashboards, reports, and key metrics to improve your spending and cash flow management. Share data with other business systems to get more visibility into the expense process.

Verification of Errors and Developing SAP Concur Invoices

You can automatically take the PO invoice data out from Concur Invoice and verify the same. It helps to check the errors if any. Once the verification is done, you can create a purchase invoice and enter general ledger entries.

In a Nutshell

SAP Concur is ready to provide innovative travel expenses, and invoice solutions, irrespective of the organizational size.  Moreover, it is quick and cost-effective to deploy provided you hire an adept SAP Business Consulting Services firm with professional expertise in the area.