How Are SAP Mobility Solutions Influencing Businesses?


How Are SAP Mobility Solutions Influencing Businesses?

Going mobile is not just an option now. It’s a choice that everyone should accept in order to be with the flow. This is applicable for the marketers who are willing to expand their businesses and beat their competitors. The best thing about this is it gives the businesses a new leap, a new growth with the advanced SAP mobility solutions.



Read the article to find how these enterprise mobility solutions influence a business.

Greatest influencing factors for SAP Mobility solutions

  • Mobile Revolution
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Good efficiency
  • Faster reporting

7 Reasons how SAP Mobility Solutions are influencing businesses

Now, take a look at the reasons for SAP Mobility Solutions on businesses in a detailed manner.

1. Mobile Revolution

The mobile revolution in the late 1990s and its rise in the year 2012 has a lot to prove. Studies have proved that mobile will dominate the entire world in the near future. This was shortly proved when by the year 2014, the number of mobile phone users exceeded 1.10 billion, which was almost 35% of the total global workforce. 

Surprisingly, today, the figure crossed 5.16 billion according to the latest data obtained from GSMA Intelligence. This is nearly 60 percent of the world’s total population and the number is growing at a rapid pace each day. 

To be a bit frank, the total number of internet users evolved in the past year is around 301 million. And among these users, approximately 90% of them use mobile devices to go online. 

It has been calculated that since the mobile revolution, the average increase in the number of new internet users each day is over 800,000. It is a great number that excites an enterprise to think about it over and over again.

Mobile has opened a new window for marketers. With the increase of mobile devices and their rapid access has now become the default access for customers all over the world.


2. Development of Mobile apps

It has been a couple of years since the mobile revolution has changed the entire picture. It has excited a large number of internet users to make use of smartphones for accessing the internet on fingertips. The picture becomes more colorful when enterprises start developing applications. The development of mobile applications has created a buzz in the entire marketplace.  

According to IDC reports, there used to be 1 billion smartphones and 1.2 billion users by 2013. But the figure elevated when 46% of the large enterprises started building their own devices.  

Mobile users spend 87% of their time in applications that they have downloaded from the app stores and the remaining 13% on the web. Details projected have shown just 2.2 hours per day they usually spent on desktop or laptop, and the rest on mobiles.

Even the consumers find the enterprises reliable that offer mobile app features. They want businesses to adapt the SAP mobility solutions and cloud computing features to run their businesses online.

One should meet the demands of the consumers, right?

3. Mobility readiness assessment

Both large and small-scale enterprises have adopted mobility solutions for better growth. However, some still find this confusing.

Every enterprise willing to cope up with the mobile revolution begins with a mobility readiness assessment. This assessment includes highlighting the capabilities that combine the infrastructure, the development team, and the marketing strategy. 

The enterprises build a mobility roadmap that highlights the value-added opportunities for mobility and business functions. By developing a detailed project and planning for mobility management, the enterprises commence the job. 

4. End-to-end solution

SAP mobility offers end-to-end solutions for businesses. The solution grants advanced tools and applications which turn out to be efficient in all respects. 

From boosting the business performance, to scaling up the productivity level, and employee satisfaction, SAP enterprise mobility solutions are the one-stop feature. The featured package even gives employees access to data and applications no matter where they stay.

The cloud platform mobile services drive business innovation with its unique end-to-end capabilities. From the development of applications to staging and secure deployment, it accelerates the mobile businesses at a high pace. 

The potential of SAP mobility has left enterprises with no other option but to accept and adopt this solution to speed up their businesses. The introduction of the SAP mobile app development strategy has provided an added pro to them.

5. Act as a connector

Gone are the days when for every single thing, marketers have to look for multiple solutions. From application development to securing this with encrypted code, multiple approaches come handy. However, with the implementation of integrated mobility solutions, businesses find their way out to handle everything with a single stroke. 

SAP mobility provides super connectivity. Being a connector, it allows employees to stay connected with the entire team, even if they are at a remote location. Yes, the remote employees can easily perform their job with no excuse.

Super connectivity grants better collaboration among the employees who are working on the same projects. This not just makes the complex work easier but even helps them to perform the job in no time. 

Good connectivity and better collaborations lead to high productivity and higher business revenue. Such a contribution indeed brings a great remark for the businesses. Establishing connections among the employees and sharing data and information over mobile devices, mobility solutions simplify the business processes with excellence.    

6. Great Efficiency

The scalable mobility management module secures the mobile applications of the enterprises while the employees access the real-time data and analyze them. 

Data implies all important and confidential information related to the business model. This includes progress reports, periodic reports, worksheets, and so on. Implementing enterprise mobility solutions, employees can collect all data on fingertips.

Moreover, since all the data is on the cloud platform, it needs no effort to access them anytime, anywhere. Its super flexibility leaves no reason behind to ignore these mobility solutions for enterprises.  

Mobility solutions allow employees to work at their convenience and with extreme efficiency and flexibility. One such contribution to this is the rise in the operational speed of employees and better results. 

Accepting the mobile feature, everything is now done using a mobile device in a hassle-free way. Just a few clicks and the required job is underway within a few seconds. This speeds up the process and results in better outcomes with negligible errors.

7. Faster Report

Integrating the mobile system into the business creates a positive and impressive image on the minds of the clients. Not just because of the simplified business structure, but even because they find no delay in pursuing their needs. 

Employees, no matter where they are currently in, can make faster reports regarding the project and submit them to the respective clients within time. This helps them to attain a great appreciation from their end. 

Building faster reports is not everything. Even the management finds it easier to review them using this mobility management module. They can choose any device to collect the report and analyze them for better results. 

This eliminates the need of searching data manually and in turn, trims down the time consumption and effort.

Summing Up

Everything in this world is now on fingertips. And so are the enterprises. The development and implementation of SAP mobility solutions make it easier for both medium and large enterprises to take their businesses a level up.

If one is ready to accept the go-to solutions, add wheels to the business with the best mobile solution.